Article: Top Ten Korean Celebrities Who Had To Apologize For Being In A Relationship

Korean celebrities and idol dating is considered taboo in the country. K-pop idols especially are banned from dating in their contracts. As many fans dream of being with their idol someday, these rumors shatter their dreams which leads to a backlash. Although it is slowly being accepted in the country, some had to apologize unnecessarily. Below are some Korean celebrities who had to apologize for being in a relationship:

1. Rain And Kim Tae Hee

Although they are in a healthy relationship right now, they initially faced backlash from the netizens as they started secretly dating in 2012. They were criticized for dating while the idol was doing his military service, which breaks military service guidelines. They have two daughters now and are living a happy married life.


2. Taeyeon And Baekhyun

Girls’ Generation member Taeyeon and Exo member Baekhyun were caught dating by the paparazzi. They eventually had to confess that they were dating, which led to instant backlash from their fans. Taeyeon was made to apologize in an airport while she was walking.


3. Taeyang And Min Hyorin

Taeyang is a member of the famous boy band Big Bang. He expressed his interest in Min Hyorin and eventually started dating her after her cameo in his video 1 AM. She faced much criticism from his fans as she was two years older than him. She reported that since he is a famous idol she will be mindful of that and try not to cause any more inconvenience. The couple is married now after all their ups and downs.


4. Ryeowook And Tahiti

Super Junior member Ryeowook and former Tahiti member Ari revealed they were dating. They immediately faced backlash as idols are expected not to date. They had to apologize for the sudden news through social media.


5. Joy And Crush

Red Velvet member Joy and Crush had admitted to their dating rumors, to which netizens responded negatively. She had apologized for the sudden news as fans were taken aback by it. She expressed her feelings through social media to calm the netizens. She said sorry for making the fans worried.


6. Marco And Lee Hye-Bin

Marco had to apologize for initially denying dating rumors with Momoland’s Hyebin. There were speculations about them dating after their fans noticed them wearing matching clothes and accessories. He took to Instagram to apologize formally for his initial denial.


7. Suran And Suga

Suga is a member of the famous boy band BTS. Suran had to apologize due to dating rumors about them. She had to explain all the speculations and clarify that they were not dating, indeed. She had to deny it and apologize on Instagram.


8. E’Dawn And Hyuna

E’Dawn was a former member of the boy band Pentagon. He had to leave the group as he revealed he was dating HyunA, who was a fellow label mate. They faced a lot of backlashes immediately because of their age gap and his being an idol. She had to apologize for the inconvenience. But they quickly overcame it and left the company together. They are now under PNation and have a happy relationship.


9. Kang Daniel And Jihyo

Kang Daniel and Jihyo, who is a member of the girl group Twice, admitted that they were dating. They were criticized for dating as they were idols, and refrained from dating. Daniel had to apologize to netizens for the sudden news and for causing inconvenience.


10. Jungkook And Lee Mi Joo

Jungkook, who is a member of the famous boy band BTS, had to apologize for false rumors. He was spotted hugging his female friend, which led to fake dating rumors. This caused an uproar amongst netizens, and the idol had to apologize to fans even though he was innocent.