Article: Top 10 Anime Gems With Unexpectedly Short Runtimes

When heading into the vast and varied world of anime, one often comes across various durations, each of which adds its unique storyline and aesthetic charm to the medium. A special subset of anime, those with surprisingly short runtimes, nevertheless manage to captivate the audiences with their compelling storylines and characters that stand out among this complex tapestry. In the realm of epic sagas and complicated plotlines often take center stage, these unexpectedly excellent anime series demonstrate that humor may indeed be found in minimalism. This article will delve into the world of anime, where we will explore the top 10 anime gems distinguished by their surprisingly short durations yet leaving a lasting impact on the viewers' hearts. These short yet extremely creative anime feature everything from heartfelt tales to thrilling adventures, portraying the craft of storytelling in its most concise and powerful form.

1. Prison School

Prison School is a series of Japanese Manga by Akira Hiramoto. The show narrates the story of Hachimitsu Academy, the most famously rigorous girls’ school in Tokyo, which has chosen to enroll male students in its institution. Kiyoshi, a teenager, is one of the five boys enrolled in the academy. Kiyoshi is found spying on girls, for which he gets sent to prison for his punishment. Kiyoshi is unaware of what type of harsh punishment is waiting for him there. The series consists of 12 episodes with an epic storyline.

2. Charlotte

Japanese animation series Charlotte was aired from July 15 to September 27, 2015, in Japan. The story occurs in a parallel universe where a few teenagers who reach puberty exhibit superhuman skills and a high school student Yuu Otasaka is one of them. He reawakens the capacity to momentarily possess others, which is the story's subject. However, Yuu, by keeping his abilities a secret can live an everyday existence. Nao Tomari, the student council leader at the school, established a haven for people with such powers to learn about Yuu Otasaka. The series comprises 13 episodes with some dark and supernatural themes.

3. Darwin's Game

The main character of Darwin’s Game is Kaname Sudou, a 17-year-old boy who accepts an online invitation sent by his friend to play Darwin's Game, a mobile game. He is unaware of the fact that there is a fight going on between the two players in the game and he could also die both virtually and in real life. Only the most proficient players are going to clear the game and live. Players are rewarded with Sigils, an evolving proficiency that varies from player to player to win the battle. Kaname is determined to beat the game, track down the developers, and exact revenge on them. The series consists of 11 episodes.

4. Death Parade

Humans either go to paradise or hell after they die. However, for a few, the Quindecim- a club frequented by the enigmatic white-haired Decim- is where they end up at the last moment of their lives. A club where recently departed are sent where they participate in games that will ultimately decide their fate. Are they going to be reincarnated? Will they disappear into nothingness? Death Parade has a striking and interesting narrative with only 12 episodes.

5. Plastic Neesan

Iroe Genma, a third-year high school student, is frequently referred to as Elder Sister despite her short height. This troublesome teenager is the leader of the School's Model Club, where she spends her days designing plastic replicas of vehicles, robots, and boats as her passion. Plastic Neesan is similar to the best collection in that each play features an unexpected climax that makes it hilarious.

6. Elfen Lied

Two college students are unaware that Lucy, despite her harmless and innocent appearance, is a monstrous assassin with two personalities. The government is breeding Lucy to be their greatest weapon. Equipped with incomprehensible powers, she eludes her captors, yet the journey causes her memory loss. Elfen Lied is one of the series that consists of death and gore, during which you do not want to eat. The series has 13 episodes with its extraordinary narratives.

7. House Of Five Leaves

Masanosuke Akitsu, a famous swordsman and nomadic samurai, is a subject of House of Five Leaves. His introverted personality often results in his dismissal from his job. One day, Masanosuke meets Yaichi, the flamboyant head of Five Leaves, the team of bandits who offers Masanosuke to become his bodyguard. Masanosuke becomes captivated by the gang and decides to work along with them despite his concerns about their true motives.

8. Grand Blue

For the first at university, Lori Kitahara relocates to the seaside town of Izu, where he lives above Grand Blue, the scuba diving shop of his uncle. Lori has a significant objective of having the best college experience possible. Still, as soon as he enters the shop, the careless member of the Diving Club lures him into their drunken antics. Lori hesitantly enters the party, for which he is coaxed by upperclassmen Riyyujirou Kotobuki and Shinji Tokita. Later, Chisa Kotegawa, a cousin of Lori, joins the party and discovers Lori in the act.

9. Another

Another is a horror anime that portrays the story of Koichi Sasakibara, who transfers to his new school where he can sense some terror in the environment of his new classroom, a secret that nobody will discuss. Koichi meets an attractive girl, Mei Misaki, towards whom, Koichi immediately gets drawn due to her eerie aura. However, later Koichi realizes that except him, nobody can see or feel the presence of Mei Misaki.

10. Baccano!

The same-titled novel, which has won numerous awards, follows a series of incidents that, although they seem unconnected at first, are connected in both space and time and are actually a part of a greater story about magic, immortality, and survival. Not all alchemists succeed in extracting a life-giving potion from the devil. The alchemists choose to scatter over the world as few begin to vanish. Now, what will occur once they all get back together?