Article: Top 10 Chinese Movies To Watch If You Are New To The Fandom 

If you are new to the incredible world of Chinese cinema or have already become a Chinese movie expert, congratulations, you have superior taste. Chinese cinema has gained immense popularity worldwide, and it keeps on elevating. Now, the Chinese entertainment industry has a strong hold worldwide. There are a variety of genres, so free yourself from the worry about not finding the movie of your specific liking. There are movies for every type of movie watcher. From action, romance to comedy and sci-fi, there is something for everybody. Not to worry if you are new to this immersive experience that Chinese movies bring, this article has your back. In this article, we have listed below the top 10 Chinese movies for you to start watching. Gaining some knowledge about what you are getting yourself into is always good. So, here are some of the best Chinese movies for beginners.

1. Farewell My Concubine

It is one of the brilliant masterpieces of Chinese cinema. The story is about two opera singers who share a strong comradeship and are well-known worldwide. Their lives turn upside down when a suspicious woman enters their lives with an ulterior motive. The movie is suspenseful, with breathtaking cinematography and an intriguing storyline. If you are new to the world of Chinese cinema, then start with this compelling movie.

2. Monster Hunt

Dive into the world of fantasy with this quirky movie. The movie has all the entertainment you need. Furthermore, the film beautifully portrays the friendship between monsters and humans and how they have lived in peace and harmony with each other for many years. The setting of the film is ancient China. One day a group of monsters called behemoths get thrown out of their lands by humans and this action leads to war between monsters and humans. There is an unlikely hero in the movie named Wuba, a little monster who can save humanity and restore peace among humans and demons. If you have just entered the realm of Chinese cinema and are looking for something entertaining to watch, then you can start with this movie.

3. To Live

It is one of the best movies in Chinese entertainment cinema. It is a slow-paced movie that will steal your heart. However, It is a periodic movie set in the 40s and 70s. It is a family drama, that tells a story about a husband and wife, their two children, and a grandmother living under the same roof, dealing with the daily struggles together. The movie talks about the importance of love and family. It is a gentle and thought-provoking movie.

4. Lost In Thailand

Here is another comedic masterpiece of Chinese cinema. It is a funny movie with hilarious humor. The story is about a businessman and his adventures in Thailand, where he travels searching for a person who agrees to invest in his business. However, He rushes to Thailand to find the man first, but he gets involved with an eccentric but goofy character called Bao Bao. Bao Bao and the businessman get into trouble throughout the movie, and their journey gets more bizarre and adventurous in all the comical ways possible. It is one of the best Chinese comedies and a must-watch.

5. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

It is an extraordinary Chinese movie out there. The film tells a story about Li Mu Bai, a warrior. One day his sword goes missing. Then, his beloved Yu Shu Lie journeys to find the sword and bring it back. The story is gripping and will keep you on your toes. The movie has heart-racing action. It is the movie that should be on your watch list.

6. The Way Of The Dragon

It is a movie that every fan must see once in their life. The story is about Tang, who is a great fighter. He helps someone he knows fight an ancient enemy giving them a hard time. However, his life changes when he faces an opponent as fierce and strong as him. You can watch this thrilling movie. And if you have just started watching Chinese films, then begin with this one.

7. You Are The Apple Of My Eye

It is among the most loved Chinese movies of all time. Furthermore, The film is about a group of high school friends. The film shows their strong friendship and how they stick together no matter what happens. However, a turn of events has them parted ways. The film tells that a strong bond can weaken over time if it is not cherished. The film has an element of romance and comedy. It is an ideal movie to watch if you are a newbie.

8. The House Of Flying Daggers

It is another action-packed Chinese movie. The story is about a policeman who breaks free a woman from a prison. However, The woman happens to be an enemy. The tide turns as their lives intertwine. The movie is captivating, action-packed, and intense. It is a must-watch.

9. Eat Drink Man Woman

It is another thought-provoking Chinese movie. The movie is about the chef and his three daughters. The chef is now retired. He and his three daughters eat one extravagant dinner every week. The film sheds light on the traditional food culture in China. And how important for Chinese people to eat together with family is. The film also talks about the individual struggles of the daughters and their father. It is a captivating movie with breathtaking cinematography, scrumptious-looking food, and some tender scenes.

10. Let The Bullets Fly

It is a thrilling movie that deserves to be on every movie lover’s watch list. The film is full of mind-blowing action and lighthearted comedy. The story is about a bunch of thieves who plan to attack a group of other thieves on a train. The movie is chaotic at its best. It is worth watching. It is entertaining and funny.