Article: Top 10 Korean BL Dramas That Will Help With Your Insomnia

Korean BL Dramas never fail to give people soothing and beautiful feelings. As everyone knows about how beautiful Korean dramas' cinematography is, it attracts people and helps shut down their stress for some time.  The list of some of the best Korean BL Dramas that will help with your insomnia is a must-try.

1. Blueming 

Blueming describes the story of Siwon Cha, who thinks that if you speak nicely, everyone will like you. He tried his whole life to create a good image of himself. He goes to the university and meets Daun Hyeong, a handsome boy. Daun has everything, and Siwon Cha is jealous of it. But reality is far from what it looks like.

2. Love Tractor 

Love Tractor tells the story of Seon Yul, who comes to live in the countryside just to escape his world and halt his busy life in the city. Seon Yul knows nothing about farming and meets Ye Chan, an enthusiastic and enjoyable person. Seon Yul tries to slowly adapt to rural life while trying to figure out his increasing feelings against Ye Chan.

3. To My Star

To My Star describes the story of Kang Seo Joon, an actor whose career is falling. Even in this situation, he tries to smile. Seo Joon visits a restaurant and meets the chef, Han Ji Woo. At first glance, Kang Seo Joon likes him, but Han Ji Woo comes from a traditional background and doesn't want to focus on anything except his career as a chef.

4. Color Rush

Color Rush is a mysterious thriller K-BL drama. Choi Yeon Woo can only see three colors: white, gray, and black. He is also known as ‘Mono’ as he can only see three colors and has no problem with it. But every ‘Mono’ has a destined lover called ‘Probe.’ For Choi Yeon Woo, his probe is Go Yoo Han. For the first time, Yeon Woo experiences color by meeting Yoo Han. But he didn't want to become obsessed and tried to avoid Yoo Han.

5. Our Dating Sim

Our Dating Sim is a small love story about how two best friends in school meet again unexpectedly in their working lives. Lee Wan confesses to his best friend, Shin Ki-tae on graduation day. But without listening, he runs away from Ki-tae's life. They meet again after seven years, and their story begins again, but will it be as simple as it looks?

6. When Your Eyes Linger 

When Your Eyes Linger describes the story of Han Tae Joo, an eighteen-year high school student, the only son of a wealthy family. Kang Gook and Tae Joo are best friends, but in reality, Kang Gook is Tae Joo’s bodyguard in disguise. Han Tae Joo encourages Kang Gook to meet girls and have a social life, but it takes an unexpected turn and is worth watching.

7. Cherry Blossoms After Winter

Cherry Blossoms After Winter describes the story of Seo Hae Bom, who gets adopted by a family that has another son, Jo Tae Seong, of the same age. They haven't talked since their childhood period. However, when Jo Tae Seong moves to the same class as Seo Hae Bom in high school, an awkward friendship develops between them as Tae Seong helps Seo Hae Bom against the bullies.

8. The Eighth Sense

The Eight Sense describes the story of Kim Ji Hyun, a new student from a rural world starting a university in the urban world. As he tries to adapt to the bustling city, he meets Seo Jae Won, who just completed his military service. They both love surfing and created a bond upon the same. While surfing, they kissed, but Seo Jae Won acted like nothing happened, which made Kim Ji Hyun wonder about the same.

9. Jun & Jun

Jun & Jun tells the story of Lee Jun, who starts his first day in a new company. But to his surprise, he meets his childhood friend and playground buddy Choi Jun as his new head manager, whom he doesn't expect. Lee Jun didn't recognize him, but Choi Jun did, as Lee Jun was his first love.

10. Happy Merry Ending

Happy Merry Ending describes the story of Lee Seung Jun, a part-time singer at wedding venues. He is a cold person and works without any enthusiasm. As he was dumped by his first love. Song Jae Hyun is a pianist who meets Seung Jun and feels a connection, but due to their past problems, their story might not be simple.