Article: Top 10 K-Dramas That Will Help With Your Insomnia

Korean dramas are known for helping people escape reality and their problems for a while and engage themselves in a world of comfort. There are so many K-dramas that have a very comforting vibe to them that will help you escape your insomnia.

1. Welcome To Waikiki 

Welcome To Waikiki describes the story of three men, Kang Dong-gu, Lee Joon-ki, and Bong Doo-sik. The three of them come together to run a guesthouse, ‘Waikiki,’ which is failing very badly. Han Yoon-ah entered their life. She is a single mom and comes to stay at the guesthouse to earn money by working there. The series is filled with comedy and will make people happy in every scene.

2. Hospital Playlist 

Hospital Playlist is a story of five best friends, Jo Jung-suk, Yoo Yeon-seok, Jung Kyung-ho, Kim Dae-myung and Jeon Mi-do. They become friends in the medical school and colleagues in the same hospital. Each has problems, but their friendship and bright charisma towards their passion hide it all.

3. Reply 1988 

Reply 1988 describes the story of five families living on the same street. Sung Deok-sun is the middle child of her family and lacks in everything. She has two best friends, Kim Jung Hwan and Choi Taek, who love her. But can't confess their feelings for her. The story in 1988, and watching it in this era, will allow people to have an incredible way of getting an insight into the old times.

4. Crash Course In Romance 

Crash Course In Romance describes the story of Nam Haeng-Seon, who has a heart of gold. She was once a national handball champion, but since her sister abandoned her child, she has to take care of her niece. Years later, she runs a restaurant and meets Jung Kyung-ho, a private math instructor where her niece wants to study.

5. Weightlifting Kim Bok Joo

Weightlifting Kim Bok Joo is that K-drama that will surely make your insomnia disappear. Both the leads in this drama are chaotic and funny. Kim Bok Joo is a weightlifter and meets Jung Jae-yi, a weight loss doctor, and instantly likes him. But she can't lose weight, then too she makes an appointment to meet him. Jung Joon-Hyung is a swimmer and a childhood friend of Kim Jok Joo. She finds out that Jung Joon-Hyung is her crush brother, and the story becomes more chaotic.

6. Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha

Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha is about a successful dentist, Yoon Hye-jin, who moves to a small village ‘Gongjin’ after her mother's demise to escape. She opened her dental clinic in the village. She came across Hong Du-sik, known as a handyman around the village. He is unemployed and talented in many things. This drama is simple yet breathtaking.

7. Mr. Queen

Mr. Queen is a Korean hilarious drama that will make you happy and help with your insomnia. This drama describes the story of a head chef, Jang Bong-hwan, who once got into trouble that almost took his life. One day, he wakes up as the King, but the twist is that his power is with Queen Sunwon. To get her heart, he tries to cook all her favorite dishes so that he can go back to his real life.

8. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon describes the story of Do Bong Soon, who has an inhumane strength and power. While she was fighting her bullies, she was seen by An Min-hyuk, the CEO of a gaming company. He has many enemies, and to protect himself, he hires her as his bodyguard. This drama is filled with a comforting vibe and hilarious scenes among every character.

9. The Legend Of The Blue Sea

The Legend Of The Blue Sea is a K-drama about a mermaid who can’t go back to her world and is stuck with humans. Shim Cheong gets caught by the fisherman and runs away from him. She meets Heo Joon-jae and his gang, who scam rich people as their business. The mermaid has a green bangle, which is very expensive, and Heo Joon-jae wants that.

10. Coffee Prince

Coffee Prince is a 2007 K-drama that is mandatory to add to this list. It is that drama that has everything that will help you come out of your insomnia. Go Eun-chan is a tomboy, and after her father's demise, she has to take care of her whole family. She gets the job to work in a cafe called ‘Coffee Prince’ with only one condition: she has to hide her gender as a female. But hell loses when the manager, Choi Han Kyul, starts falling for her.