Article: Top 10 J-BL Dramas That Will Help With Your Insomnia

The Japanese BL dramas can make you laugh until you fall down the bed or will make you sob the whole night. Japanese BL has a very different charm that never fails to impress people. These are some of the dramas that will help with your insomnia.

1. Kieta Hatsukoi (My Love Mix-Up)

My Love Mix-up, or Kieta Hatsukoi, is the story of Aoki and Ida, classmates. Aoki's friend has a crush on Ida, which is about to be revealed to save her. Aoki says he has a crush on Ida. But Aoki thinks that Ida will reject him, but Ida's response is something that Aoki did not expect. This story starts with a misunderstanding but also can be known as fate.

2. Mr. Unlucky Has No Choice But To Kiss

Mr.Unlucky Has No Choice But To Kiss is a Japanese Bl. It is about Fukuhara Kota, who is unlucky in everything he does and every place he visits. There is nothing he can do about to throw away the unluckiness that has stuck to him like a shadow. Until he meets Shinomiya Naoya, who is lucky in everything he does. Kota had a great time with Naoya due to situations they ended up as lovers.

3. Ossan’s Love

Ossan’s Love is a popular J-drama with a love triangle. Haruta Soichi is a 33-year-old man dependent upon his parents for everything. Reality struck him when his mother forced him to live independently, as he could not do simple chores at home. That is why he moves to live with his co-worker, Maki Ryota, who knows how to maintain a house. Maki starts to like Haruta, but Haruta has a crush on his older boss, Kurosawa Mudashi.

4. Naked Dining

Naked Dining is a comedy and something that people will find exciting to watch. Ichijou Souta spent his entire day working hard and meeting the expectations. However, the hard-working man has a very unusual hobby that helps him release stress. He likes to dine naked as his way of releasing stress. One day, while he is dining in his grandmother’s house, Miki Mahiro, his grandmother's friend, sees him dining naked, a secret no other human being knows.

5. Life: Love On The Line

Life: Love On The Line is the story about Ito Akira, a high school student who is bored with his life as nothing is exciting that he can enjoy. There is a game he likes to change himself about walking in the white line on the sidewalk without falling. One day, while playing the game, he comes across another high school student, Nishi Yuuki, who also loves to play this game.

6. Eternal Yesterday 

Eternal Yesterday is an emotional rollercoaster, as by the time you finish this drama, your feelings will be all over the place. Koichi Yamada and Mitsuru Oumi attend the same school but are opposites. One day, Koichi meets with an accident, and Mitsuru sees it. However, Koichi magically lives. But only Mitsuru can see and talk to him.

7. A Man Who Defies The World Of BL

A Man Who Defies The World of BL is a very different drama to give a try. Mob realizes that he lives in a BL world where everyone is gay. Everyone around him can show their affection openly as the norm. As a straight person, it was hard for him to survive as hot guys approached him for a date.

8. His: I Didn't Think I Will Fall In Love

His: I Didn’t Think I Will Fall In Love is a drama about youth. Nagisa Hibino lives in a separate house away from his parents in the seaside town of Kanagawa. He works in a bathhouse and spends his free time surfing. While surfing, he meets Shun Igawa, who comes to spend his vacation in the town. They instantly click as both are of the same age.

9. Senpai, This Can’t Be Love

Senpai, This Can’t Be Love is a story about Yanase, who is a designer. He is in charge of training a newbie, Kaneda. However, Kaneda acts very coldly towards Yanase, which makes Yanase what he did wrong. However, the real story is that Kaneda is a big fan of Yanase’s drawing but doesn't know how to act in front of him.

10. Cherry Magic! Thirty Years Of Virginity Can Make You A Wizard?!

Cherry Magic describes the story of Adachi Kiyoshi, who works in a company and has no social life. Kurosawa Yuichi works in the same office and is very famous and has a charming smile. When Adachi turns thirty, he gets the power to hear the thoughts of anyone he touches. A confession comes when he finds out Kurosawa has a crush on him, an Adachi with nothing charming about him.