Article: Top 10 C-Dramas That Will Help With Your Insomnia

If you want to throw away from insomnia, why not binge-watch some Chinese dramas that are always filled with romance and plot twists? Many series are available that you can watch in many genres suitable for your liking. Given below are some of the C-Dramas that will help with your insomnia.

1. Go Ahead

Go Ahead is a family drama about three non-blooded kids who share an incredible bond as they grow up with two fathers. Ling Xiao, Li Jianjian, and He Zi Qiu survive their childhood and teenage lives fighting their battles yet being there for each other. This drama will surely bring comfort to you.

2. Hidden Love

Hidden Love is the popular drama of the year 2023, which has a simple yet breathtaking story between the leads. Sang Zhi falls in love with her brother’s best friend, Duan Jia Xu, who is five years older than her. Due to their age difference, Duan Jia Xu only thinks of his little sister. They meet again as a grown person, and things might not be the same.

3. Ashes Of Love

Ashes Of Love describes the story of Jinmi, who is naive, which is why her mother puts a magical spell on her about not showing her feelings to anyone. She lived her entire life in the Flower Realm hidden. One day, her peaceful life gets interrupted when Xufeng, an emperor from the Heavenly Realm, crashes into her place. She saves him, and the story takes a huge turn.

4. A Date With The Future

A Date With The Future describes the story of a high school student, Xu Lai, who was stuck in an earthquake but was saved by a firefighter, Jin Shi Chaun. Even though she only sees his eyes, she likes him. They meet again after ten years when Xu Lai becomes a new reporter, and while doing her job, fire breaks in, and Jin Shi Chaun comes again for her rescue.

5. When I Fly Towards You

When I Fly Towards You tells the story of Su Zai Zai, who starts school as a transfer student. She is a goofy and straight-up person. When she meets the cold yet charming Zhang Lu Rang and likes him. It is a sweet drama with no misunderstanding, and the whole phase from their school to their working life shows, making people love it.

6. You Are Desire

You Are Desire is about a girl, Lin Yu Jing, whose parents get divorced. She moves to a new city and lives with her father, stepmother, and stepbrother, who are nice to her. She starts a new school and becomes a deskmate with an ill-mannered boy, Shen Juan. Her life was getting better when her mother forcefully took her back with her. The leads meet again at the university and relive their feelings.

7. Always Have, Always Will

Always Have, Always Will describes the story of two classmates who meet again at the university. Fang Li is a small-town girl, and Lua Aon is a cold-hearted straight-A boy who becomes a classmate in high school. For Fang Li, Lua Aon is a nightmare, but she didn't expect to meet him again after years at the university.

8. Be Yourself

Be Yourself is a unique youth drama that you should give a try. It is about four girls who begin their university life and become good friends. They are nowhere similar to each other in any aspect. Xia Lang Lang is a tomboy with a firm attitude. Huang Fu Shu Min is a spoiled girl. Fan Xiao Yu, a wealthy lady and the nerd Yang Jia Qian.

9. Just An Encore

Just An Encore is about a girl, Yan Ze, who likes her deskmate, Ji Xiao. Ji Xiao is perfect, but Yan Ze is not. Yan Ze’s best friend and adopted sister is also perfect in everything she does. Yan Ze thinks she will forever be alone in her best friend's shadow, and one day, she explodes her feelings.

10. You Are So Sweet

You Are So Sweet is about an average-looking girl, Xia Xiaoning, who doesn't have good looks or education. But her only talent is that she is an excellent voice actress. She gets the job as an assistant to Gu Chenyu, who has a secret nobody knows. He is the best dubbing voice actor in the industry. They both cannot stand each other and are bickering, which raises their closeness.