Article: Top 10 Korean BL Dramas Where People Wished To Have More Episodes

If you are a fan of Korean BL series, you might know that most BL series are eight episodes and not even half an hour of the duration. Many people wished to change as many K-BL series have incredible plots, but due to the small period, it doesn't do well.

1. Our Dating Sim 

Our Dating Sim is about two school friends, Shin Ki-tae and Lee Wan. When Lee Wan confessed that he liked Shin Ki-tae, he was shocked. Lee Wan runs after the confession, leaving behind a confused Ki-tae. Seven years later, they meet again and start to live the moments they miss while being apart from each other. It is eight episodes, and in 15 minutes, the viewers want more moments of leads.

2. The Eight Sense

The Eight Sense describes the story of Ju Hyun, a student starting university while moving from a small town. He meets Jae Won, who just finished his military service. They bond over their love and passion for surfing. The story and chemistry are intense, and people wanted more as it ended in 10 episodes of 40 minutes.

3. Unintentional Love Story 

Unintentional Love Story describes Ji Won Young, who gets discharged from the company without doing anything wrong. To get his job back, he tracks the chairman's favorite artist, Yoon Tae Joon. Ji Won visits a small town and unintentionally finds Yoon Tae Joon, who runs a pottery shop and has no desire to be found. It has ten episodes of 35 minutes duration.

4. Star Stuck 

Star Stuck describes the story of two childhood mates, Seo Han Joon and Jo Yoo Jae. Seo Han Joon is in love with Jo Yoo Jae, but he knows that his friend doesn't feel the same, and he never thought of confessing. Until, one day, the desire to just do it overpowers him as he just wants to express his love. The drama is eight episodes with 14 minutes of duration. People felt that the story had more depth and should have more episodes.

5. Blueming 

Bluemind describes the story of Siwon Cha, who also tries to act nice as he thinks it attracts people. He tries to be presentable, as being handsome means more friends. He starts university and meets a handsome and rich boy, Duan Hyoeng. Duan Hyeong shakes his whole world upside down. It has 11 episodes, and people wanted more because the cinematography and chemistry between the actors were undefiable.

6. Semantic Error 

Semantic Error describes the story of a strict and rule-bidding computer science student, Chu Sang Woo when he was assigned to do the final year presentation with other group members; they all left him alone to do the work. He removes their names and meets an opposite senior, Jang Jae Young. It has eight episodes with a 25-minute duration.

7. Light On Me

Light On Me describes the story of a lonely and introverted schoolboy, Woo Tae-kyung. Woo Tae-kyung’s teacher advises him to join the school council and make friends. The student council consisted of three students, but only two accepted him. The third is the vice president, Noh Sinu, who thinks they don’t need him. Even though the drama has 16 episodes, people feel that the execution of Woo Tae-kyung and Noh Sinu needs more screen time.

8. You Make Me Dance

You Make Me Dance describes the story of Song Shi On, who is a university student and is learning contemporary dance. He was thrown out of his house by his family because of his love for dance. He shares a rooftop with a cold, attentive man, Jin Hong Seok, who works as a debt collector after failing to fulfill his dream of becoming a pianist. It has eight episodes of 14 minutes duration.

9. The Tasty Florida

The Tasty Florida describes the story of Seo Hae Won, a college freshman who just moved into a guesthouse. On the roof, there is a popular Chinese restaurant, Florida Banjeom, opened. Seo Hae Won gets a job offer to work in the restaurant as a part timer from one of the two owners. But the head chef and fellow owner, Baek Eun Kyu, seems to not like him at all due to some reason.

10. Where Your Eyes Linger

When Your Eyes Linger is about Han Tae-joo, the only son of a wealthy chairman. To keep his identity safe and away from the enemies, he was assigned a bodyguard Kang Gook. But in front of everyone, they are good friends. When Tae-joo insists Kang Gook go on a date, everything changes. Eight episodes is much less to enjoy the full story properly.