Article: Top 10 Chinese Celebrities Who Are Fashion Designers Too

Chinese garments get perceived as cheap quality goods. But these modern designers have changed this perception completely. These designers have tried to put Chinese culture on a global pedestal. These designers have different ways of presenting their culture. Some of them design elegant and subtle clothes, and some are fearless and use vibrant colors.

1. Caroline Hu

Caroline Hu is a fashion designer and also a famous YouTuber. She is known for her chic and modern fashion styles. She primarily uses fabrics like satin, chiffon, and lace. She is known for her mentorship in London Fashion Week and collection at Shanghai Fashion Week, inspired by an art piece.

2. Yiqing Yin

Yiqing Yin rose to fame after the designer displayed the collection at the Hyères International Festival. She got recognized for her creative pieces, and she aims to accentuate women’;s curves.

3. Uma Wang

Uma Wang has an eye for fabrics. She combines different textures and makes it look incredible. Wang’s collection gets sold in Europe and Shanghai. She is famous for her dresses and cardigans.

4. Alexander Wang

Alexander Wang creates dark clothes with a sober attitude. At the same time, they are elegant. He arranged an exclusive fashion show for his collection, and thousands of fans were waiting outside just for a glimpse.

5. Christine Lau

Christine Lau is known for her homegrown work label and styling artists like Fan Bingbing and Joe Chen. She is known for her sassy and feminine designs. She is all about graphics and vintage prints.

6. Masha Ma

Masha Ma has a huge fan following, and Lady Gaga is one of her genuine fans. She presented her breathtaking collection at the Paris Fashion Week. She is known for creating feminine, modern, and flattering designs.

7. Ryan Lo

Ryan Lo is all about extra and vibrant garments. He is known for his youthful, shiny, and unique designs. Ryan’s structures include ruffles, sequins, and embroidery.

8. Yang Li

Yang Li has raised unisex clothing and shoe brand. Yang's designs got inspired by rock and grunge. The designs are edgy and timeless.

9. Huishan Zhang

Huishan Zhang tries to blend Chinese culture with Eastern and Western cultures. He worked at Dior Haute Couture when he was still in school. Zhang’s garments are sleek and sophisticated.

10. Qiu Hao

Qui Hao debuted with a collection ready to be sold in departmental stores. Hao’s designs are easy to carry and classy. He is known for using unique fabrics.