Article: Top 10 Chinese Celebrities We Would Love To See Together In Movies

When people watch two good-looking Chinese artists, they can’t stop themselves from shipping them to become an onscreen couple. They start hoping that the actors get paired together. The viewers are dedicated while supporting the actors who have actively helped in making the industry flourish. The viewers indulge in making fan pages and hashtags, hoping they will come together in a project. These onscreen couples will give butterflies in our stomachs if ever they are hired together.

1. Zhang Ziyi and Wang Yibo

Zhang Ziyi is a critically acclaimed artist not just in China but globally. She got nominated for a Golden Globe Award for her performance in Memoirs of Geisha. Wang Yibo is an actor and musician with many other talents. He got famous for his role in Chinese fiction Untamed. The duo has worked before for a Vogue fashion short film. The audiences want to see them paired together in a drama.

2. Yang Mi and Li Xian

Acting has been a large part of Yang Mi’s life. She debuted when she was four years old. She is a fashion icon and Michael Kors brand ambassador. She is known for her work in Eternal Love. Li Xian debuted with a supporting role in the film Feng Shui. He got noticed by a large audience. He is best known for his work in Go Go Squid. The duo played a game in an award show, and the audience couldn’t control themselves from shipping them.

3. Fan Bingbing and Xiao Zhan

Fan Bingbing rose to fame after her role in the 90s costume drama My Fair Princess. She was also the judge at 70th Cannes Film Festival. She is ranked as the 4th highest paid actress in the world. Xiao Zhan debuted in an idol survival show. He started his career acting with Super Star Academy. The duo is film enthusiasts and extended their support for Tibetan Filmmaking.

4. Vicky Chen and Jackson Yee

Vicky Chen is a promising teen actress, and at the very young age of 14 years old, she became the recipient of the Golden Horse Award for her role in the film The Bold. Jackson Yee is a singer and an actor. He is known for his roles in Better Days and Nice View. He also won Best New Performer for his role in Better Days. The duo is perfect for a rom-com series.

5. Tang Wei and Chen Xing Xu

Tang Wei is a confident actress who starred in the erotic thriller Caution. She has a flair for learning new languages. Chen Xing Xu started acting when he was four years old. He is known for his roles in Fall in Love and Once Upon a Time. The duo would make a terrific couple in a romantic thriller.

6. Zhou Dongyu and Lin Yi

Zhou Dongyu won several awards for her role in Under the Hawthorn Tree. She has appeared in many romantic films. She is known for her role in the rom-com, This is Not What I Expected. Lin Yi became famous for his role in Put Your Head on my Shoulder. The audience loved the actor for his flower boy looks. The duo would be entertaining.

7. Zhao Liying and CHENG Yi

Zhao Liying appeared in a talent show before her debut in the TV series Golden Marriage. She became famous for her girl-next- door looks. Cheng Yi is an actor and singer. He is well known for his roles in Noble Aspirations and Stand by Me. The duo would make a quirky on-screen couple.

8. Liu Yifei and LUO Yunxi

Liu Yifei is recognized as the fairy sister in China for her soft appearance and roles. She is known for her roles in Mulan and Once Upon a Time. Luo Yunxi is an actor, singer, and model. He became famous for his roles in Love is Sweet and Ashes of Love. The duo will be worth watching in a period drama.

9. Zhou Xun and LI Yifeng

Zhou Xun is a veteran, and she is known for her contributions to the Chinese film industry. She is famous for her roles in Cloud Atlas and Our Time Will Come. The actress is also a brand ambassador for Chanel. Li Yifeng is a singer and actor. He is known for his roles in Sparrow. The duo will be a joy to watch.

10. Dilraba Dilmurat and Xu Kai

Dilraba Dilmurat is a new-age actress, and she is famous for her roles in Namiya and Eternity Love. Xu Xai is an actor and model, and he is known for his roles in Falling into you Smile and Royal Feast. The duo will make a perfect onscreen couple for an office romance series. The fans of both the artists have already started with the hashtags.