Article: Top 10 Chinese Dramas On Food

The best way to cure any stressful or bad day is through food. Chinese dramas that are based on food/cooking, always tend to bring a smile to the face of the audience, along with an instant hunger. Dramas that are based on this genre, are relaxing and keep the audience engaged until the end. Chinese dramas based on food, generally have a mix of romance, drama, and comedy which helps them dominate the industry. So, let’s munch through some of the top 10 Chinese Dramas on Food:

1. Be Careful Delicacy

This 2018 drama, followed the story of Zhao Xiao Xin, a foodie who aspires to become an illustrator, and Fang Da Zhao, who ran a bed and breakfast homestay which was on the brink of closure. Their relationship bloomed when he asked her to take the role of running the place as a chef. Eventually, they bonded over their mutual love for food while journeying through the various difficulties of running the place.

2. Dine With Love

This romantic comedy revolved around Yu Hao, a sponsor of a Food reality show who had zero knowledge about cooking and was neither interested in making an effort to learn it, and Su Ke Lan, a kind person from the PR team of his company who loved cooking and sharing the joy of food with others. Eventually, Yu Hao had to learn cooking for a show, for which he hired Su Ke Lan to teach him the basics. They gradually started learning about each other and developed a beautiful and mature relationship.

3. Kiss, Love, And Taste

This gastronomical drama followed the story of An Wen Yu, a renowned chef who lost his appetite after his mother's suicide in the past, and Chef Jin Jin Jin, an enthusiastic learner who wished to learn the traditional recipes of his family. Another man named Li Xuan, a wealthy person interested in psychology and wanting to help Wen Yu recover his taste, entered the picture. Eventually, the three of them journey through different obstacles while sharing the common joy of food amongst themselves and others.

4. Royal Feast

This historical/ cooking drama revolved around the food bureau of the Qing dynasty which recruited women with exceptional skills in cooking. It followed the story of Yao Zi Jin, who got selected in the bureau as a Palace maid, Yi Zi Ping, who was initially a beggar, and Su Yue Hua, who was a brilliant chef, and together they started revolutionizing the bureau with varied dishes with an evolved focus. The drama later takes the audience on a journey of food, drama, and suspense, making it binge-worthy!

5. Delicious Lovers

This drama was a mix of fantasy and food and was released in 2018. The story followed the story of Gu Cong Lai, a prodigy from a lineage of chefs who could see the taste of smell and dominate people’s moods. She met Liu Shang Jun a food show, who owned one of the top restaurant franchises and wished to recruit one of the best chefs in his new restaurant, with whom she ended on bad terms on their first encounter. Eventually, he recruited her into his restaurant but they started with a love-hate relationship, which gradually developed into an adorable relationship. This drama had a lip-smacking mix of drama, comedy, and romance which was enjoyed by audiences worldwide.

6. Cupid's Kitchen

This drama was released in 2022 and followed the story of Lin Ke Song, who was blessed with the power of a shrewd sense of taste, along with the skill of being able to identify an item’s ingredients with just one bite. However, she was never interested in pursuing culinary arts as her full-time profession, until she met Jiang Qian Fan, a Michelin-certified chef, who appreciated her gift and trained her for a cooking competition. Initially, she struggled and felt out of place during his rigorous training methods, however, with gradual developments, together they achieved their dream of winning the competition.

7. Dating In The Kitchen

This 2020 romance and food drama followed the story of Gu Sheng Nan, an assistant chef at the Zijing Hotel, who was skilled at her work but was dating the head chef in secret, who eventually ended up cheating on her. Apart from going through a shocking breakup, she also realized that she might lose her job due to the hotel’s acquisition by another company. Later, she also ended up scratching her soon-to-be boss, Lu Jin’s car which ended on bad terms. Eventually, the story revealed their journey of sharing a mutual love for food, rediscovering themselves, and building a beautiful relationship.

8. Flavour It's Yours

A unique addition to this list, this 2019 drama revolved around Lu Wei Xun, a cold but exceptional wine critic with a brilliant sense of taste, and He Bu Zui, an enthusiastic girl who was impaired with numb taste buds, since childhood. One day, their tasting stories were switched due to an accidental kiss. Eventually, the story journeyed through hilarious but heart-warming incidents of their adaptation to the new change in their lives, and developed an adorable relationship of love and friendship.

9. Meet In Gourmet Food

This romantic comedy revolved around Su Xiao Ying, a young girl who was blessed with a brilliant sense of taste, and Ji Shi, who was an exceptional chef. Together, they achieve their dreams of making a name in the industry while understanding the real joy of food. This drama starred actors like Chen Bohao and Tu Zhiying who did a fantastic job in portraying the characters.

10. Falling In Love

This 2021 drama revolved around Chi Xiao Nian, a passionate and gifted cook who would spend hours in the kitchen, and her school friend, Yan Yu, who had a sharp tongue but a warm heart. Later, Xiao Nian went through a depressing breakup when she found her boyfriend cheating on their anniversary because he was tired of her endless love for cooking. Yan Yu helped her regain her confidence and passion for cooking by pretending to be her boyfriend and eventually developed an adorable love story!