Article: Top 10 Thai Female Soloists

When you say Thailand, it’s inevitable that your mind wanders off to picturesque Phuket beaches and mouth watering cuisine. But what if we told you Thailand has more aspects to boast about? When it comes to music, the vibrant country is slowly creeping upwards to take away the crown of the industry. From powerful vocalists to trendsetting pop icons, Thailand has got it all to make it big in the global scene. And when it comes to the soulful voices of the woman, you can’t help but be in awe. So, we’ve curated a list of top 10 Thai female soloists who own the stage like the queen that they are.


An undeniable dynamic force in the world of rap music, Milli is a Thai artist who is dominating the scene. With a creative blend of lyrics and charismatic delivery, she has audiences under her spell both in her home country and beyond. She reached a milestone recently by becoming the only Thai solo artist to ever perform at Coachella last year.

2. Palmy

Palmy’s beautiful voice and breathtaking lyrics are no less than poetry itself. Her music is that serene escape which makes us forget our surroundings once you put on the earplugs. Her songs have the ability to transport you to a carefree world.

3. Ink Waruntorn

With her melodic sorcery, Ink Waruntorn has undoubtedly become a known figure in the contemporary Thai music scene. She has enchanted the audience with her dreamy tunes. Her music collection is a combination of sweet melodies and elegant stage presence you can never ignore.

4. Lula

Pannarai Nopparat, better known as Lula, is a renowned Thai singer. She is known for her infectious pop tunes and bubbly personality. Most of her songs showcase her youthful charm and mastery in catchy tunes that will be stuck in your head for days after listening to them.

5. Lydia Sarunrat Deane

If you are a fellow R&B listener, you should not be missing out on Lydia. She captivates her listeners with her soulful voice and emotionally charged tracks. Though underrated, she has made a significant impact on the Thai music scene.

6. Ploychompoo

Nutnicha Jitlupa, better known as Ploychompoo is a comparatively new artist known for her fresh sound and relatable lyrics. With a promising career that started out with uploading cover songs on YouTube as her claim to fame, things are only looking up for this rising star.

7. Mai Charoenpura

Among all the craze for young talents, Mai Charoenpura stands as a veteran in the industry still going strong. Her timeless songs and dedication towards her art make her an integral part of the Thai music industry. With her powerful voice, she continues to captivate audiences across generations.


If you’re a fan of the underdog tales like us, you should definitely check out BOKWYLION. Her hard work over the years has made her an important figure in the music scene. She is known for her unique stage presence and vocals that will help you feel connected with your emotions.


Quite a new star in the scene, rapper and singer WONDERFRAME has been the talk of the town since her debut in 2017. She is known for her unique blend of music that brings together pop and hip-hop to merge into beautiful melodies. No one can deny the infectious presence once this queen gets on stage.

10. Earth Patravee

If you’re looking for an artist that leaves an impact once you listen to them, you’ve found the one. Earth’s ability to bring out emotions through her soulful display of art is a skill that sets her apart from her peers. What makes her stand out is the ability to constantly bring something new to the table with every comeback.