Article: Top 10 Chinese Dramas Where Rich Boy Falls In Love With A Poor Girl

If you are feeling like watching romantic dramas with a complicated story, Rich boy – poor girl concept dramas are very suggestible. These dramas show how hard it will be to find true love, even if you find it, and how hard it will be to work it out. But if you are together through all those challenges that come up to tear you apart, then you will experience the most beautiful love ever in this world. Below given dramas are the top 10 Chinese dramas where a rich boy unexpectedly falls in love with a poor girl while trying to help each other overcome the challenges during a period.

1. Unforgettable Love

He Qiao Yan is the CEO of the most famous firm. He does not care about human- relationships and gives a cold shoulder to those who try to approach him. He is the only parent of Xiao Bao, who has been suffering to socialize since he met an accident and lost his biological father and mother.  When things started to get hard, they met a child psychologist Qin Yi Yue, who seemed to get along well with Xiao Bao. He Qiao Yan offers Qin Yi Yue some money, asking her to be Xiao Bao's contract mother in return. Even though Yi Yue accepts the request of Mr. He at first, she finds it hard to get along with He Qiao Yan. This drama shows the development of the relationship between the leads and how Yi Yue helps Xiao Bao come out of his shell and make friends.

2. Please Be My Family

Song Hao Yue, the CEO of a famous company, is a single father of a 5-year-old boy Song Xing Chen, who always wishes he could celebrate his next birthday with his mom. As a single parent, Hao Yue finds it very difficult to bring up Xing Chen alone, met Qi Si Le, who is also a single mother of Qi Zi Yuan. Qi Zi Yuan needs to go through surgery to live. Qi Si Le has always been working hard to save money for that but didn’t expect the surgery to prepone. When Hao Yue helps Si Le for surgery to go smoothly, Si Le agrees to marry Hao Yue to look after Xing Chen. This drama shows how marriage for kids helps them find their true love.

3. Miss Crow With Mr. Lizard

Gu Chuan is a passionate young man who used to work very hard for his future filled with dreams. He never expected his life would take a wrong turn until he met with an accident and was told to replace his heart with a mechanical one, which is the only way for him to survive. He was told to stay away from things that make him emotional, which could end his life. He meets Jiang Xiao Yu, who has a very sad past but never lets her smile fade away. Her positiveness started to attract Gu Chuan. This drama shows how they overcome death together and live a happy life.

4. Perfect And Casual

Zhang Si Nian is a statistics professor who is well known for his perfection in everything he does. He is unmarried and shows no interest in anyone, which makes his sick grandfather worry about him. Si Nian accidentally runs into Yun Shu, a statistics student who gets cheated by her cousin and left with no place to live. Yun Shu couldn’t refuse when Si Nian asked her to pretend to be his girlfriend in front of his grandfather and offered a place to live in return. This drama shows how a perfectionist falls in love with a clumsy girl, which they never thought  would happen.

5. Meteor Garden

Shan Cai is an 18-year-old girl from a poor family. She gets accepted into a school where most of the students are from the upper class. She never wants to clash with any of her friends but ends up fighting with her classmates, especially Dao Ming Si a spoiled, arrogant student and part of aanF4 boy group. This drama shows how the clashes between Shan Cai and the F4 group eventually turn into friendship when they get to know their true personalities.

6. Assistant Of A Superstar

Wang Yu Xi is a famous idol, who seems to be perfect in every aspect. But the unknown truth is that he never received the proper education. He always tries to hide his shortcomings perfectly, but he is not that successful when attending an interview for an important role. This left his agency no choice but to find him a tutor. Wei Chi Yao has always dreamed of becoming a tutor and has been hired as a tutor for Yu Xi. While it is hard for them to get along with each other at the start, some situations make them fall in love with each other.

7. Lucky’s First Love

Xia Ke is a determined and headstrong CEO of a gaming company. He came from a wealthy family and was supposed to take over the family business but he refused to do it and stepped out to establish this company. Even though he seems sweet, he knows how to get what he wants from others. Xing Yue is an independent woman with great potential as a sketch artist who has always dreamed of becoming a game designer and was hired as an employee of Xia Ke’s company. This drama shows how Xia Ke and Xing Yue fall for each other even though they are bickering all the time.

8. Please Feel At Ease, Mr. Ling

An Xin used to work as a deliverywoman and spent most of her day moving around the city. She believed her life would always be ordinary until she unexpectedly encountered Ling Yue, the heir to a major corporation. Ling Yue met with an accident and ran into An Xin. An Xin decided to take care of him until his health stabilized when she learned that he was suffering from Amnesia. As time progresses, they find themselves falling in love with each other.

9. Cute Bodyguard

Su Jing Jing is a top-notch fighter who has almost supernatural powers. She can take down anyone who opposes her. On the other side, Gu Rong Yan prefers not to fight with anyone. But due to some unexpected reasons, Rong finds the need for a bodyguard. Luckily, he got to see the talents of Jing Jing and offered her the job to be his bodyguard. This drama shows how Jing Jing always does her best to protect Rong and how they end up together despite the numerous misunderstandings trying to tear them apart.

10. You Are So Sweet

Xia Xiaoning is a very ordinary young woman, who has a dream of becoming a voice actress. She becomes the assistant of Gu Chenyu who has been hiding a secret of being a popular voice dubbing actor in the industry. As neither of them is from the same background they didn’t get along with each other. This drama talks about how Gu Chenyu helped Xioning become a voice dubbing artist and how they got close to each other after knowing their true personalities.