Article: Top 10 Old-Age Romance Korean Dramas

Long before Korean dramas became famous streaming with Netflix, there was a time when cable television dramas were massively popular. We are speaking of Korean dramas of the 2000s, which have been pivotal in starting the Hallyu Wave. These dramas have been watched globally both on television and on CDs. Much time has passed since then, yet the love for those dramas has by, no means wavered. So here is a listing of the vintage-age romance dramas for a warm Sunday afternoon.

1. Boys Over Flowers

The tale follows Geum Jan-di, an inspired younger girl offered a scholarship to attend a prestigious college run by the F4, a group of rich and attractive men. Since Jan-di stands as much as them no matter their recognition for bullying, she finally ends up in surprising romantic relationships with Goo Junpyo and Yoon Ji-hoo. The topics of affection, friendship, and socioeconomic inequalities are explored in this romantic comedy-drama. It experienced first-rate international success, making celebrities like Lee Minho well-known. “Boys Over Flowers” is a need-to-watch if you enjoy humorous romantic comedies and youngster drama.

2. You Are Beautiful

The storyline of “You're Beautiful” centers on Go Minam, a younger lady who ultimately impersonates her twin brother in the well-known boy band A.N.JELL to accomplish his intention. In particular, with the moody band member Hwang Taekyung, this turn of occasions causes fun and romantic issues. The drama's comedy, emotional moments, and identification and self-discovery make it a need-to-see for fans of romantic comedies. If you need a drama dwelling inside the popular Korean entertainment industry, you should go for it.

3. Coffee Prince

In the drama “Coffee Prince,” a committed younger lady named Go Eunchan poses as a man at Choi Hangyul's Coffee Prince cafe while he tries to stay away from being forced into an arranged marriage. Unaware of Eunchan's proper gender, Hangyul grows complex emotions for her, which sparks an endearing beginning of love, identity, and social expectancies. Fans of romantic comedies with substance must no longer pass over this properly-appreciated Korean drama, that's hailed for its authentic plot, complex characters, and intelligent evaluation of gender norms and stereotypes.

4. Princess Hours

In an alternative model of Korea with a constitutional monarchy, “Princess Hours” tells the tale of ordinary high school student Shin Chaekyeong, who marries Crown Prince Lee Shin in an arranged marriage. As they deal with palace life and royal responsibilities, their initially anxious dating improves and blossoms into affection. For lovers of imperial love testimonies, “Princess Hours” is a must-watch classic Korean drama with its combo of romance, palace intrigue, and humor.

5. Secret Garden

Gil Ra Im, a stuntwoman, and Kim Joo Won, the rich and boastful CEO of a branch store, are the characters in the plot. When Joo Won unintentionally winds up at Ra Im's stunt academy, their paths cross, and a series of perplexing occurrences cause them to trade bodies. They discover their feelings for one another as they go through the difficulties of being in each other's bodies, which ends up in an elaborate and charming love tale. A fan of delusion romances has to give “Secret Garden” a try because of its fantastic frame-swapping twist and clever humor.

6. Autumn In My Heart

“Autumn in My Heart” depicts the tale of Yoon Joonsuh and Yoon Eunsuh, who at first supposed they're siblings. However, they subsequently learn they were not connected via blood. When Han Taesuk enters their lives, their dating becomes a complicated love triangle. The drama explores themes of affection, sacrifice, and destiny, and due to its reputation for emotional depth, it is an influential part of the Hallyu movement in South Korea and abroad. This well-known Korean drama is for you if you experience emotional melodramas with complex relationships.

7. Stairway To Heaven

Age-old romance melodrama was a usual subject in Korean dramas, and this one is a classic. Han Jungsuh and Cha Songjoo, two childhood pals, have a tragic romance in the narrative. Their love endures despite of demanding situations consisting of disapproving family members and a cunning stepsister. However, several unlucky occurrences and misunderstandings separate them. As the two people are torn aside and war to reunite, the drama examines topics of affection, sacrifice, and destiny.

8. Tree Of Heaven

Hana is a younger girl with a cardiac illness that restricts her life expectancy. While traveling in Korea, she meets Yoonsuh, a kind-hearted young man. The two fall in love and decide to spend the rest in their lives collectively at the same time as traveling, looking for the fabled “Tree of Heaven,” - a tree that is claimed to grant one wish. They come across various difficulties alongside the way that positioned their love and resolve to the check. “Tree of Heaven” is famed for its heartbreaking plot, beautiful images, and ex of issues like the importance of making the most of one's life. It may not be as famous as some Korean dramas; however, it has a committed following.

9. Jewel In The Palace

The plot is about during the Joseon Dynasty and revolves round Jang-geum, a young female with an ardour for cooking. She strives to end up as a royal medical practitioner, a role commonly held by means of men, so she encounters numerous obstacles and discrimination alongside the way. Jang-geum triumphs over challenges, presents her culinary talents, and negotiates the tangled politics of the royal court docked during the series. Intrigue, rivalries, triumphs, and tragedies abound along her adventure. The ancient accuracy, charming storytelling, and sturdy female protagonist of “Jewel inside the Palace” have made it a classic.

10. All About Eve

The competitive and brutal world of broadcast journalism serves as the backdrop for the narrative. It follows the lives of lady news anchor hopefuls named Lee Aejung and Kim Youngmi. When they both begin working at a TV station, their contention heats up as they compete for interest and love, especially from the news director, Yoon Hyunwook. “All About Eve” is well-known for its portrayal of media ambition, envy, and a question of ethics.