Article: Top 10 K-Pop Songs Of 2023

Recently, the wave of K-pop and Korean has reached international fame. Fans never miss out on updates about their favorite band from HYBE, YG, SM, and more. But it is safe to say that 2023 is the year of girl groups. Blackpink, Twice, New Jeans, and more are trending all over the internet, with their latest music, concerts, and brilliant onstage performances. Simultaneously, boy groups like BTS, NCT Dream, and TXT extended their global dominance with their new releases topping several charts like iTunes and Billboard. Here is a list of the top 10 K-pop songs of 2023 so far, in no specific order.

1. OMG By New Jeans

In 2022, New Jeans engraved their name as one of the best groups in K-pop, but this year they proved, they have much more to offer. Their song OMG is a combination of the emotions of first love and the Y2K playful aesthetic of the group. OMG easily became one of the most endearing songs after it was released. The song is an ode to young love, and its instrumental matches perfectly with the song's lyrics.

2. Haegeum By August D (Suga)

BTS has always been an inspiration to youth. They have always conveyed the message to be you and be real. Suga’s Haegeum is conveying the message of eliminating the status quo and be unapologetically real. It’s the perfect hype song for whenever you need a little boost. Suga certainly gave us the absolute best rap banger of 2023.

3. Welcome To MY World By Aespa

The songs that primarily gain all the attention are more upbeat with great choreography; Aespa falls in the category of that similar style. However, instead of hyper-pop, this time the group offered a more stagnant energy with their song Welcome to MY World. This song perfectly showcases the vocal power of the girl group. The song has the perfect alchemy of sweet and salty. It is refreshing to hear the authentic voices of the members without the music and upbeats following.

4. Hall Of Fame By Stray Kids

Stray Kids never fail to make an impact with their music. The boy band defines confidence with their song, dance, performance, and vibe; No wonder their recent EP, 5-Star, is another memorable work by the boy band. The music expresses the persistent desire to be and keep going for more.

5. Like Crazy By Jimin

Following his bandmates, J Hope, RM, and Jimin, BTS’s Jimin released his first solo album, Face, this year, and we need to talk about it. Like Crazy is the first song by a Korean soloist to reach the Billboard Hot 100. The music, the choreography, the vocals, everything is perfect, like Park Jimin himself. You can dance, sing, and feel your best when playing this song. Needless to say, Like Crazy is one of the best feel-good songs of 2023.

Other songs that make Jimin one of the best soloists of this year are Set Me Free and the collaboration with Taeyang for the song Vibe. As Big Hit Music said, “Face will show how Jimin marks a new beginning as an artist,” it’s safe to say, IT DID.

6. On The Street (With J.Cole) By J-Hope

After releasing his successful debut album, Jack in the Box, BTS’s J-Hope surprised his fans with a single related to his enlistment process of military service. The song shows his journey and his love for street dance. HYBE said, the word ‘street’ can be interpreted for the people on the street as well as a metaphor for life.

7. Sugar Rush Ride By TXT

The melodies of TXT’s 2023 hit song from the album Sweet are inventive and the setup fits perfectly with the song’s mood. The percussion-assisted verses with the rhythm guitar make this song quite flawless. With their focus on themes of Neverland and Peter Pan on their latest releases, this song is also a reminder that childhood must come to an end. At the end of the music video, the five members are walking away from the island towards a boat, signifying the journey towards harsh life.

8. Rover By Kai

Bulgarian singer Dara’s song Mr. Rover, intermixed with uptempo, reverberating bass, and sick beats, created one of the best solo songs of Kai. Rover is one of his most memorable performances after Love Shot and Mmmh. His solo releases emphasize his growth and versatility as an artist who has the power to cast spells with both his voice and moves. A large of netizens participated in #RoverChallenge including Twice’s Momo, TXT’s Yeonjun, SM members, to name a few.

9. Super By Seventeen

If you are a fan of BTS’s Jungkook, I’m certain you are familiar with this song and the dance steps. Jungkook not only sang a little bit of the song, but he also did a surprise live stream with Seventeen’s Kim Min-gyu. This song will offer you an energy you didn’t know you had. “Faced everything, like I’m so proud, I always win,” the lines best describe the power this song possesses. Undoubtedly Seventeen offered one of the best choreography of 2023.

10. Cupid By Fifty Fifty

Fifty Fifty’s retro single combines funky baselines and minimal disco beats. The instrumental of the song is light with a consistent rhythm in the background. This song can make you feel nostalgic about all the youthful days of heartbreak and longing. Cupid will offer you the feeling of a main character in a rom-com. The girl group also surpassed Blackpink’s record on Billboard Hot 100 with their new hit Fifty Fifty. If you haven’t heard it for the nth time in reels and TikTok already, make sure you give it a try.