Article: Top 10 Thai Movies That Were A Huge Success

Thailand's movie industry, also commonly known as Tollywood, is a thriving industry. Although Hollywood was a tough competition for the Thai industry, Tollywood regained its position during the 1990s. Some renowned actors include Tony Jaa, Prin Suparat, Davika Hoome, and many more. Thailand is also known for its expert production services. The contribution of talented directors and actors has made the industry quite renowned. We are here to present some famous movies that did well at the box office.

1. Ong-Bak: Muay Thai Warrior

The story of Ong-Bak is about a young martial artist that goes in search of a stolen sacred village statue. The protagonist has to undergo several challenges as his oppositions are from the underworld. This well-written stars the famous actor Tony Jaa, directed by Prachya Pinkaew.


2. Bad Genius

Bad Genius is a movie directed by Nattawut Poonpiriya. The film is one of the highest-grossing movies of all time, and for a good reason! The protagonist is a high school student who is an intellectual genius but helps their classmates cheat for a price. The film has won several awards, including Thailand National Film Association for Best Picture.


3. Love Of Siam

The Love Of Siam depicts a gay romance between two teens. The two characters are childhood neighbors who drift away. Years later, the two reunite and confess their love for each other. This excellent movie was released on 22 November 2007.


4. Bangkok Traffic (love) Story

This love story is like no other. The protagonist is a 30-year-old woman desperate to find love. When Mei Li meets a lovely engineer, she immediately believes he is her true love. Mei tries to make ends meet to pursue her relationship. The writers of this romantic film are Benjamaporn Srabua, Nawapol Thamrongrattanarit, and Adisorn Trisirikasem.


5. Shutter

The shutter is a 2005 Thai horror/suspense movie directed by Banjong Pisanthanakun and Parkpoom Wongpoom. The movie follows a couple that faces a terrible accident. The couple soon experiences paranormal activities that haunt them. The girlfriend later discovers an unsettling truth about her boyfriend that may be a possible explanation for the paranormal activities.


6. Teacher's Diary

Teacher's Diary is a light-hearted romantic movie about two teachers. Nithiwat Tharathorn is the director of this 2004 Thai drama movie. The male teacher learns about the history of another female teacher that works at the same rural school through her diary.


7. The Protector

The Protector is a Thai action film starring Tony Jaa. The movie is about a young fighter (Tony Jaa) that goes to retrieve stolen elephants that belong to the king of Thailand. The young man takes the help of an Australian detective to battle an evil gang. The director of this movie is Prachya Pinkaew.


8. Happy Old Year

Happy Old Year is a 2019 Thai movie. The film follows Jean, who wants to convert her simple home into a home office. However, going through her plan, she discovers items belonging to her ex-boyfriend. Jean reminisces about her past relationship and is confused about her plans.


9. Tropical Malady

Tropical Malady is a movie about a soldier stationed in a small isolated village. The film shows the still and long days that the soldier passes until he meets Tong, a local boy. Keng soon develops a connection with Tong, and the pair begin a romance. The film has won several awards like Cannes Jury Prize, Thailand National Film Association Special Award for Film, etc.


10. The Medium

The Medium is a recent horror mockumentary released in 2021. In a particular region of Thailand, a Shaman finds out that his nephew is possessed. However, when dealing with the situation, the shaman realizes that the goddess who has taken over his nephew may not be evil.