Article: Top 10 Most Adorable Anime Pets That Were Worth An Applause

Pets are meant to be kept for companionship. It is not necessary that the ones living alone only need pets, but they are also for those living with their loved ones. A pet in the house can easily lift people's mood. Whether it's children or adults, a pet can brighten the day of everyone with its presence. The human race is seen to have pets from the very beginning of time. They needed them to help with their work, such as guarding. As time passes, we are into more variety of animals to keep as pets. The most loyal ones are believed to be dogs, but nowadays, people are also into cats, insects, rabbits, etc. There are several restrictions on whom we can have as our pets, and people are not allowed to keep wild animals as pets. However, anything is possible if we talk about the anime world and its other name. In anime, we can also see different types of pets who are equally crucial for the plots. Some pets are there to add that need relatable factor in the anime and make it more desirable. Here, we will talk about the top 10 most adorable anime pets worth applause.

1. Chopper

Tony Chopper is the star character of the world-famous anime One Piece. He is a reindeer with an exceptional ability to shapeshift. The reason behind this is a human fruit. Despite being a reindeer, he is a member of Straw Hat Pirates, which Luffy leads. The fans love his iconic form, which resembles a young reindeer. He is a valuable asset for the crew due to his exceptional doctor skills that give him an upper hand. He dreams of taking this skill to the next level and curing every disease.

2. Keroberos

Keroberos is quite famous among anime fans. He is the Guardians of Cards with their mind and appears in the popular Cardcaptor Sakura series. His looks are an exception because he looks like a small lion with wings. Talking about the series, it is pretty popular and is a magical series that revolves around the protagonist of the same name. Keroberos is an influential character who is responsible for shielding clown cards.

3. Nyanko-sensei

Nyanko Sensi is not a natural cat but a shapeshifting cat that takes the form of one. She is a cat because she was sealed into a cat statue. Once freed from the curse laid upon her, she is bound to shield Natsume against all the harmful series behind the book of Friends.

4. Jiji

Jiji is an infamous character from Ghibli's creation named Kiki's delivery service. She is an adorable black cat who accompanies the main character. He is always seen sticking around the Kiki, who is journeying to become a renowned witch. The charming voice and top-notch personality of Jiji are loveable by the fans worldwide.

5. Happy

Happy is the name of the blue-winged cat of the infamous fairy tale series. She is close to the protagonist and can fly skillfully due to her wings. The most distinct feature of a cat is that it can take people along with it and fly in a particular mode. This trick also works with things. The cat's loyalty to its friends during the odd times makes her desirable among the fans.

6. Sadaharu

Sadaharu was introduced in the series as a white-furred dog, but later, it was discovered that he is more than that. Sadaharu is a magical creature capable of growing into large sizes and comprising immense power. His interactions with other characters are seen as a comic relief throughout the series. The time he gets into his enormous form is epic because action scenes usually accompany it. Sadaharu is an essential part of Gintama becoming a fan-favorite series.

7. Pikachu

Pikachu is undoubtedly a Pokémon, but Ash treats him as a companion throughout the series. The way he handles him with love and care is the same treatment we give to our pets. Pikachu hates getting into Pokeball, so the audience usually sees him sitting at the shoulder. There have been various moments when Pikachu has proved his loyalty and love via his actions and efforts. Ash has also been a perfect master for him, and the duo forms a great pair with one another. Pikachu was not a real-life being, but it did make a special place in the hearts of humans.

8. Kiyo

Kiyo is the pet cat of Amara in the infamous series Ninja Hatori. Ninja Hatori is a household name for every kid in their early 20s. Kiyo is a talking cat who is good with ninja techniques. He also comprises a cross over his forehead, often seen as a signature sign. He usually accompanies Amara in his plans against Kemichi and Hatori.

9. Shishimaru

Shishimaru is the loyal pet dog of Ninja Hatori. He is the dog with humor and Ninja techniques and is quite fluent in the language of humans. He is usually seen in almost every episode of Ninja Hatori, but the fans have witnessed several individual attacks of Shishimaru, too. These episodes take in Shishimaru as the central theme. Shishimaru is a household name for every kid who loves watching the Ninja Hatori. Another different thing about him was that he was in love with his roles, and the audience could see him attacking the enemies with his bones.

10. Heen

Though Heen has a very short time in Howl's Moving Castle, it was impactful. It was a kind comic in how the female lead mistaken him for the dog form of howl, and when later it was discovered, it added comic relief. The dog was of Madame Suliman, but the way he followed the female lead into the past life of Howl was something done by all heart. The way she had to carry him all the way to talk was also very comic. His serious appearance was something everyone had their eyes on.