Article: Top 10 Most Popular Magical Anime With Jaw-Dropping Animation

Magical anime is enjoyable to watch. Even writing and making characters in this niche is very difficult because one needs to have a solid Imagination to pen it down. One needs to imagine a whole set of events, details of characters, personalities, magical powers, etc. But the fun part is that it allows you to create something that does not exist but could influence people similarly. When discussing this theme in an anime context, one would want a great animation that would enhance the magical scenes to a greater extent. Here, we will discuss the top 10 most popular magical anime with Jaw-dropping animation.

1. Sugar Apple Fairy Tale

The anime revolves around Anne and Challe Fen. Challe is a charming male fairy in the popular anime Sugar Apple Fairytale. He is so beautiful that people often mistake him for a pet or companion fairy. He has mesmerizing black eyes with a pinch of purplish color, perfectly matching his vertical-slitted pupils. His hair is long, and the fact that he is a warrior fairy makes him more attractive and dashing. Every woman introduced in the series can’t stop admiring his beauty. A woman was ready to exchange him for 300 triple corners, which Anne paid.

2. Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer is worth watching; all its series are equally enchanting and visually impactful. There is no proper use of mages and other creatures, but the demons comprise magical blood demon art that they use against demon slayers. The slayers are divided into ranks and several breathing techniques, which they use as a counter to immortal demons and their powers. The visually impacting scenes, simple yet powerful morals, friendship, determination, dedication, and family are some essential themes the show revolves around.

3. Attack On Titan

Attack on Titan, too, does not directly relate to mages, but the magical element here is the shape-shifting titans with supernatural abilities. Attack on Titan is an iconic piece with a massive fanbase around the globe due to its visually appealing effects and compelling storytelling mixed with human emotion. The AOT also comprises gut-wrenching slaughter by the Titans as the story processes very unsettling secrets unveiled, changing the course of the story and ultimately rambling.

4. Strike The Blood

Strike the Blood is another great anime with magical elements such as mages, vampires, beasts, blood servants, and more. The story revolves around an ordinary student of Itogami Island in Japan who is turned into a fourth progenitor overnight due to some circumstances. As he tries to memorize what happened, tons of secrets are revealed. As the fourth progenitor, the most powerful vampire that wasn’t supposed to exist, it attracted a lot of trouble to the island.

5. Redo The Healer

Redo, the healer is also directly linked to mages with magical powers. More specifically, the fictionalized world is guarded by heroes of different things, such as the heroes of blade, healing, bullet, etc. The anime was quite controversial due to the central motive, which was revenge. The hero of healing is trapped in various conspiracies and treated inhumanely by other heroes. The healing hero redoes the entire world, which causes the same events to occur, but this time, he is prepared for revenge.

6. Is This A Zombie?

Is this a zombie? It is a refreshing anime with magical elements and compelling storytelling. The anime revolves around a high school student who transforms into a zombie after a mysterious assassin murders him. As the story advances, he allies with different characters of magical origin, including Eucliwood, who is responsible for his zombie personality and tries to confront the killer.

7. My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia is another series with a solid international fanbase as well. The story is based on a world of mighty heroes with quirks. The report encircles a boy born without a quirk but still dreams of becoming the greatest hero the world has ever seen. He admires his hero and one day encounters him and inherits his quirk. It is a turning point, so he even gets into a school that teaches its students to become professional heroes.

8. Magi: The Labyrinth Of Magic

The series is more of a Japanese anime version of a folktale called One Thousand One Kights. The world where the series is plotted is called the Magi. The land does comprise magical elements and a visually impacting storyline. The show follows Alladin and his adventures inspired by the original content.

9. Suzume

Suzume is a visually impactful anime not directly linked with magic but with magical creatures such as worms and cat dragons who act as keystones for ages. The storytelling is compelling and worth watching; it was a massive hit in the international market, making millions. The story is about a girl and a guy who lock the door responsible for the earthquakes at forbidden places. By mistake, she frees a keystone who shifts himself into a cat, Daijin, that creates a mess around Japan.

10. Made In Abyss

The story is laid with magical elements in the Abyss, a place filled with magical beings and a hub for those who love adventures and exploring called the Cave Raider. The story encircles a girl, the daughter of a famous caver raider who aspires to become one. The visuals are detailed, and the imaginative creatures are stunning to watch.