Article: Top Ten Korean Celebrities Having A Fairy Tale Love Story

At the end of the day, all we need is love and this is the same with the celebrities too, though they appear glamourous and different from a normal common man, at the core they too are just like us who need love. Though romance in showbiz is one of the most popular discussion topics among the public simply because they are a public figure and a dreamy love story sure does send butterflies even in our tummies. There is some Celebrities' love story that seems straight out of a fairy tale. This article includes ten such South Korean celebrities whose love story doesn't seem less than a fairy tale.

1. Son Ye-Jin And Hyun Bin

Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin's romance is nothing less than a fairy tale love story. The two South Korean actors debuted around the same time. Son Ye-jin even had a cameo in Hyun Bin's drama Secret Garden. They starred together in the 2018 film Negotiation however it was only in 2019 when the pair starred in the hit Korean drama Clash Landing On You as a couple. The off-screen and on-screen chemistry of the couple was very evident and fans started shipping them in real life. Many times the pair were rumored to be dating over the years however only in 2021 it was confirmed that the on-screen pair were indeed dating off-screen. The pair is loved by global fans and there are rumors that they might tie the knot soon.


2. Rain And Kim Tae-Hee

Rain and Kim Tae-hee are one of the Korean celebrity couples who are loved by the public and are often termed as the power couple due to the huge celebrity status enjoyed by both South Korean artists. They first met at a CF shoot and Rain was enchanted by the humble nature of Kim Tae-hee. The couple then dated from 2012 and finally got married in 2017.


3. Hyuna And Dawn

This k-pop couple has one inspiring love story which would make you believe in the power of love. Hyuna and Dawn were in the same management agency and were dating secretly but when Hyuna decided to let her fans know about this on Instagram the agency found out about their relationship, the contract was terminated and both the k-pop idol were kicked out of their agency as publicly dating of an idol is still frowned upon in South Korea. The couple dated each other secretly from 2016, and publicly from 2018.


4. Choi Soo-Young And Jung Kyung-Ho

Choi Soo-young and Jung Kyung-ho are a celebrity couple who had been in a relationship since a long time back. What makes their romance fairytale-like is the fact that Jung Kyung-ho was a fan of Soo-young and Girls Generation! The actor even surprised Soo-young with 1000 roses on their 1000th day, if that isn't a fairytale-like we don't what else is!


5. Joy And Crush

Joy and Crush are two of the hottest and most popular k-pop idols of this current generation. The good-looking pair first collaborated on a song called "Mayday" in 2020. The pair were just shared a senior and junior relationship, however, as they got to know each other they decided to date each other.


6. Kim Woo Bin And Shin Min-Ah

Kim Woo Bin and Shin Min-ah are some of the most loved and iconic celebrity couples of South Korea. The pair started dating in 2015, however, things didn't go smoothly when Kim Woo Bin was diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer in 2017. But as we know love makes you stronger, Shin Min-ah stood by Kim Woo Bin in those difficult times, and in the end, Kim Woo Bin completes his treatment healthily with Min-ah right by his side.


7. Taeyang And Min Hyo Rin

Taeyang and Min Hyo Rin's love story is like a real-life fairy tale Romance. He even wrote a song for Min Hyo Rin in their temporary break which became one of the iconic k-pop songs of all time, "Eyes, Nose, Lips." It was love at first sight for Taeyang, the couple met at The music video shoot for Taeyang's song "1AM". Min Hyo Rin is the first girlfriend of Taeyang and to witness that Taeyang married his first girlfriend makes us hopeful and believe in Fairy tale love.


8. Won Bin And Lee Na Young

Won Bin and Lee Na Young are two of the most well-respected and good-looking artists of the South Korean entertainment industry. Lee Na Young in an interview revealed that the couple is like best of friends. Though the couple prefers to be private about their relationship, however oftentimes the support for each other can be seen from both the actors. The couple started dating in 2013 and later got married in 2015. They have a child together.


9. Jo Jung Suk And Gummy

Jo Jung Suk and Gummy are one of the couples in South Korean entertainment who will make you believe in happily ever after. The couple started dating in 2013 when they met through mutual friends. After years of dating, the couple finally got married in 2018.


10. Lee Bo Young And Ji Sung

Lee Bo Young and Ji Sung are one of the power couples of South Korea. The two starred in a television series together in 2004 and later started dating. In 2007, they finally confirmed their relationship and after years of dating, they got married in 2013. The pair has two children together.