Article: Top 10 Whipped Boyfriends In The Thai BL Series

The Thai BL series has a charm that people are amazed at. In the Thai BL series, one gets to see so many tropes in the story. Romance, thriller, mystery, and arranged marriage there are so many tropes of the BL series to watch and enjoy. However, a common among them is that people will find whipped boyfriends in the series, making it more intense to watch.

1. Love In The Air

Love In The Air shows the story of Prapai and Sky. Sky is a sassy and straightforward person who is not interested in dating because of his past. He has trust issues. He meets Prapai, a very flirty person. After spending a night together, Sky wants no attachment. But Prapai is interested in Sky and tries everything to win over his heart.

2. TharnType

TharnType is an enemy to lovers, a Thai BL series. Type is a stubborn and straightforward guy. He moves to college and shares the dorn with another boy, Tharn. Everything was going fine until Type found Tharn is not a straight guy. He starts to despair and asks him to move dorms. Type has a past, and because of that, he can’t stand Tharn.

3. Never Let Me Go

Never Let Me Go describes the story of Neung, the only child of a wealthy businessman. His family tries to protect him as his father gets killed in an encounter. His family’s main bodyguard has a son, Palm. Palm has the responsibility of looking after Neung by going to school with him as his friend in front of other's eyes.

4. Lovely Writer 

Lovely Writer shows the story of Gene, who wants to publish a dark fantasy story. But the publishing house wants him to write about Boy’s Love. One of his Boy’s Love books is adapting to become a show. Gene comes to help pick out the characters. He meets Nubsib at the auditions. Nubsib gets selected, but his manager asks him to stay at Gene's house until he can find an apartment.

5. My School President 

My School President describes the story of a school president, Tinn. On the other hand is Gun, the leader of the Boy band. Gun has to close his singing band according to the principal’s order as the band is making no profit for the school. Tinn comes undercover to help Gun as he wants to save the reputation of the school.

6. Don’t Say No

Don’t Say No describes the story of two best friends, Leo and Fiat, who grew up together. Leo has a crush on Fiat but can’t confess to him. While Fiat is a playboy and sleeps around hurting Leo. But Leo does everything to make Fiat happy by fulfilling his wishes. When Leo and Fiat confess their feelings and start dating. But Fiat’s past comes knocking in their life.

7. 2gether 

2gether is a college love story between Sarawat and Tine. They meet in college in a wiring situation and fight every second they get. However, the twist is that Sarawat likes Tine from high school, but Tine doesn’t remember him. It’s a simple and beautiful love story of them.

8. Love By Chance

Love By Chance is the story of Pete, who just begins his college first year. He is the son of a wealthy background, and people take advantage of him as he can’t fight. He has no real friends. He meets Ae, another student in the facility. Ae helps save him from troubled situations and makes them have a bonding between them.

9. Until We Meet Again

Until We Meet Again describes the story of Dean and Pharm. Pharm starts a new college as a new student and meets Dean, a senior student. They both felt the connection the second they met. It’s a story of the past and how lovers in the past meet gain in the present with a different identity.

10. Cutie Pie

Cutie Pie is an arranged marriage BL love story. Lian and Kuea were chosen in their childhood to get married. Kuea loves Lian, but Lian only thinks of this as a responsibility. Neua decided to break the engagement. Kuea always acts well-mannered in front of Kuea because Lian likes it. But in reality, Kuea is known as ‘Kirin,’ who sings at the club and loves to race.