Article: Top 10 K Dramas To Binge-Watch This Monsoon

Pov: It’s raining! And you are enjoying your coffee while watching these K Dramas. What could’ve been a better day to start your k drama journey? It is the perfect weather to enjoy the world of romantic and fun Korean web series. Indulge in this guilty pleasure, snuggle up with your pets and bring your comfort food while watching these heartwarming series. From explosive action to romance, we have got you covered!

1. Hometown Cha Cha Cha

The story is about a lavish dentist who opens her practice in a small town and faces hardships as she lives there. Later she meets Hong Du-Sik, who is popular among residents in the town and is known as Chief Hong because he is skillful and helps to resolve all problems. Although Hong Du-Sik seems cheerful on the outside, he is silently dealing with his traumatic past. The dentist figures out the warm-hearted nature of the locals and finds the small seaside town pleasing.

2. Business Proposal 

The web series is an uplifting office romance with good comedy. The series is about a handsome CEO, Kang Tae Moo, and Shin Ha-ri, an employee at his company. Shin Ha-ri goes on a blind date to save her friend but finds that the guy she met was his boss(Kang Tae Moo). Shin Ha-ri’s attempt to hide her identity will leave you laughing.

3. Something In The Rain

The plot captures the life of a work freak woman in her thirties, who gets dumped by her boyfriend, who calls her dull. Then she meets her best friend’s brother after he returns from abroad. As the woman is on a quest to find her self-worth, she becomes besotted with her best friend’s brother.

4. Forecasting Love And Weather 

A romantic office drama set up in the National Weather Administration where romance is sometimes like the warm sun in winters and sometimes like furious windy afternoons. The characters are on a rocky path of love, work, and friendship. Every day they face a new challenge but end up becoming more vigorous.

5. Soundtrack #1

The limited series involves two childhood best friends uniting to make music. As they start spending more time together, they both discover their feelings. The main characters are overwhelmed with their emotions and tired of denying them.

6. The Sound Of Magic

The story is a scenic masterpiece that portrays the life of a mysterious magician living in a deserted amusement park. This series covers the dreads of teenage life, from peer pressure to harassment. This series focuses on social issues with a hint of romance.

7. School 2017

This romcom captures the essence of “ Being the Change” in society. The life of students in this school is full of tragedies and misfortune, but the students face these harsh realities of life by not giving up. This series is a rollercoaster filled with comedy and tears.

8. Shooting Stars

A soothing story about the hardworking people behind the scenes managing celebrities and dealing with their scandals: Enemies turn into lovers in this captivating series. There’s confusion in the management agency when a star falls head over heels for the PR team leader.

9. Suspicious Partner

A rigid prosecutor meets a clumsy intern who turns his life upside down when she becomes the center of the city’s attention, accused of being a suspect in the murder case of her boyfriend. The duo is determined to solve the mystery as romance blooms. This series promises to keep you stirred with all its twists and turns.

10. All Of Us Are Dead

In a Gen Z  zombie apocalypse series, the time is ticking, and the students must find a way to break free from the high school and reach a safe spot. Filled with action, romance, and comedy this is a wholesome package for entertainment. The series is coming back for Season 2.