Article: Top 10 Thai Movies With A Beautiful Message

Movies are a great way to reaffirm our faith in humanity. They are an escape from the cold, cruel world and teach us a lot of very important lessons. These 'feel-good' movies often involve brave characters who instill a sense of loyalty, friendship, and courage in viewers. The Thai entertainment industry is a brimming pot of such movies that teach us morals and lessons to use in real life. Some of these movies really hit the spot and make us rethink our stance on life and people. Without any further, here is a list of the Top 10 Thai Movies With A Beautiful Message for you to scroll through.

1. The Iron Ladies

This Thai comedy starring Jesdaporn Pholdee follows the real-life story of a men's volleyball team composed of gay and transgender players only. This film is credited with bringing about a change in the mentality of Thailand regarding such "unconventional" topics.


2. Fan Chan

Jeab receives some urgent news- his childhood sweetheart Noi-Naa is going to be married. He decides to return back home to his native, remote village. The story is accosted with his childhood memories and is a feel-good movie with a happy ending that could not be more perfect.


3. Bad Genius

Bad Genius received accolades worldwide for its brilliant plotline and actors. This heist thriller follows a high school student who devises an internationally acclaimed scheme of cheating in exams. However, the story ends with a satisfying when she confesses her deeds to the authorities.


4. The Tin Mine

Adapted from many short stories by Ajin Panjapan, this film begins when a student, expelled from Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, sets about to a remote jungle to kick-start his life with a new job. An insight into life and it being more than just education and academia, this film is regarded as a masterpiece.


5. Final Score

This film follows 4 high schoolers who are studying for their entrance exam, a pivotal milestone in their lives as claimed by others. They have to grapple with Thailand's unstable political status, tuitions, and intensive homework, with the exam nearing. Their fate lies in their own hands.


6. One For The Road

This film follows Boss, a club owner in New York who is living the life. One day he recieves a call from his old friend Aood who reveals that he was diagnosed for terminal cancer. Boss makes a momentous decision to go on a long road trip with Aood. This emotional rollercoaster gives us a front view of two friends that bond through untimely misfortune.


7. Dear Galileo

This happy-go-lucky movie starring Chutima Teepanat and Jarinporn Joonkiat follows Cherry and Noon who decide to set on a trip to Europe in order to get a change of pace. They come to a conclusive agreement to visit the 3 major it-spots of Europe- Rome, Paris, and London.


8. The Happiness Of Kati

The Happiness of Kati is a classic film based on the novel of the same name by Ngarmpun Vejjajiva. Nine-year-old Kati who lives with her grandparents learns of her mother's terminal illness and is taken to meet her. She is then told that she must try to contact her father whom she has never seen.


9. Chocolate

Debuting Yanin Vismitananda, the story follows Zen, an autistic girl, faced with a financial predicament when her mother Zin is diagnosed with cancer and needs chemotherapy. Her martial arts skills come in handy when her attempts to collect loan money from her mother's debtors turn violent.


10. The Cave

This award-winning film is based on the famed 2018 Tham Luang cave rescue operation. This film gives us a walkthrough of the incident in general, through the eyes of the soccer team as well as their saviours, an international rescue team who volunteer from different nations and have to save them as time keeps ticking against them.