Article: Top 10 Thai BL Dramas Where People Wished To Have More Episodes 

The true follower of Thai BL dramas will know that it mostly ends with 13 episodes at max. But still, there are series where people want to see more chemistry and storyline of the drama and wish to have more episodes like the list given below.

1. Bad Buddy 

Bad Buddy is the Thai BL about friends-enemies-friends-lovers. Pat and Pran are neighbors, but their parents hate each other. When Pat and Pran move to university, their dorms are opposite to each other, leading to all the gaps that come due to the distance between them. There are twelve episodes, yet people wanted more of their chemistry.

2. Vice Versa

Vice Versa is a fantasy Thai BL about parallel universes. Talay wakes up in the body of Tess, while Puen, a famous actor, wakes up in the body of Tun. They come face to face and meet Phuwadol, who is also stuck in the parallel universe. She guides and informs them that they need to find their ‘portkey’ who helps them return to where they come from after achieving what they need to. It has twelve episodes but needs more as the plot line is intriguing.

3. Love In The Air

Love In The Air follows the story of four people, Payu, Rain, Prapai, and Sky. Payu and Rain story is about meeting and challenging as Rain challenges Payu to make Payu fall for him. While Prapai and Sky have a nightstand, and now Prapai wants more. Both the couple have six episodes, which makes the audience want more of their story.

4. Chains Of Heart

Chains Of Heart is the story of a forestry officer, Din, who gets involved with a gang of illegal drug smugglers. It causes trouble for him and his lover of seven years, Ken. They were on the run and fell down the cliff. After months, Ken wakes up alone as Din is nowhere to be found. Years pass by, and a stranger makes an appearance that resembles Ken’s former lover, Din. The audience felt that in ten episodes, the story was rushed as it could get better.

5. Moonlight Chicken 

Moonlight Chicken is the story of a hardworking Jim, the owner of a chicken restaurant. One night, he encounters Wen, a drunk customer, and they spend the night together. After that night, everything changes as both can’t stop thinking about each other. It has only eight episodes and three main couples, so the audience wanted more screen time for all the couples.

6. Wedding Plan

Wedding Plan is the story between the groom-to-be and his wedding planner. Sailom is the groom-to-be getting married to Yiwa, but both are unhappy as their mother has mixed their marriage. Yiwa already has a partner, and she plans that on wedding days, he will run away so that both can be free. But Namnuea, the wedding planner, has yet to learn. It has only seven episodes, which makes the storyline and chemistry finish quickly.

7. Big Dragon 

Big Dragon is the story of Yai, a wealthy and handsome kid. Mangkorn, another handsome kid, joins the university and takes the attention of the girls. Yai decides to track him badly. He makes a nasty plan to capture him, but the plan backfires, making it worse or maybe good for them. It has only eight episodes, but the announcement of a second season has been made.

8. I Told Sunset About You

I Told Sunset About You is the story of two best friends who stopped talking and met again in the last year of high school. When Teh helps Oh-aew prepare for the entrance exam, both start to reconcile. But this time, with friendship, another twisted feeling might also be involved. It has five episodes, and there is a second season, but people wanted more of I Told Sunset About You.

9. Even Sun 

Even Sun describes the story of Sun, who is a debt collector. Sun’s father asks him to collect a debt from Athit, or he will go bankrupt. Athit is unimpressed with Sun and tries to send him back, but Sun doesn't want to go. It has only six episodes, and it could get better if more are included.

10. Naughty Babe

Naughty Babe follows the story of Yi and Khondiao, who are engaged in a business agreement. Khondio is left alone on his engagement day and makes every arrangement for the wedding alone, so he decides to flew to Switzerland. Yi follows him but gets into an accident, which causes him to lose his memories of their breakup. It has only eight episodes as it is one of the anticipated series of Max and Nat as the lead couple so people wanted more.