Article: Top 10 South Korean Heist Movies

Heist movies from South Korea are not very well known, except for the Korean Heist drama. The robbery or Heist genre includes the crime genre. South Korean films have numerous crime movies but a less inclusive of the heist as a crime. Korean heist movies are yet to reach a peak like genres- horror and action. Here are a few top 10 movies that may make you laugh, sentimental, scared, etc. This list can steal your attention and heart.

1. The Spies- 2012

A Section Chief, a South Korean spy, was sent to work for the North Korean government years ago and now is living with his family, smuggling for livelihood. After more than ten years, he gets an order from the North to be ready for a new plan for assassination, gathering other teammates. During the reconnaissance routine, they find a large safe in a room. Then the attempts of assassination convert into a heist.

2. Once Upon A Time- 2008

Set in the 1940s, during the end of the Japanese rule period, a con artist, Kanemura, earns through selling artifacts and stealing. He has affection for Haruko, a beautiful jazz singer in a downtown nightclub. They both have made individual plans to steal Light of the East, a 3,000 carats diamond that is the recovered treasure from an official. After they realize their mutual motives, they try to steal the diamond together. And rest of the story involves police officers and escapes.

3. The Grand Heist- 2012

It is a group of eleven involved in robbing an unusual thing. They have their eyes not on gold or money, diamond or luxury items but on ice. Set during the 18th century of the Joseon Dynasty, ice is the most valuable thing, more than gold. When corrupt officials are about to fix a price on these ice blocks in storage, a group of professionals attempts to steal the ice overnight to stop the monopoly.

4. The Thieves- 2012

A 20 million dollar diamond, Tear of Sun diamond, is planned to get robbed by professional thieves, gangs of Hong Kong, and Korean thieves. Some characters are- Popie, the brains and the muscle; Pepsee, the experienced safe-cracker; Yenicall, the wall climber; Zampano, the strategy guru; and Chewing Gum, the master of disguise.

5. The Con Artists- 2014

Within forty minutes of the timespan, an expert safe-cracker has to steal slush funds from the customs building of Incheon. It starts with a group of thieves who plan a heist of diamonds from a jewelry store but now get ordered by the owner of the same store, the boss gangster, to rob $150 million.

6. Cold Eyes- 2013

To prevent a gang of thieves from robbing a bank, members of the Korean Police Forces Special Crime Department specialize in surveillance operations and work together. Yoon-Ju is the new member, whereas Hwang Sang-Jun leads the team to find James, the heartless boss of a well-armed criminal gang. Along with other awards, the highlighting part is Han Hyo-Joo, playing Ha Yoon-Joo, who won the Blue Dragon Film Award for Best Actress.

7. The Big Swindle- 2004

The story revolves around Cops, escaping thieves, a robbery in the Bank of Korea, a scam, and 5 billion won. It is the directorial debut of crime heist movie director Choi Dong-Hoon. This movie has given Choi numerous awards, like the Grand Bell Awards, Blue Dragon Film Awards, Korean Association of Film Critics Awards, Baeksang Arts Awards for Best New Director, and many for the screenplay category.

8. Time To Hunt- 2020

A recently released prisoner, Jun-Seok (Lee Je-Hoon), and three of his friends decide to plot a heist following the dystopian country's failing economy. They attract the attention of a violent, cold-blooded mystery killer, and now he chases the group. The three characters' emotional bond and friendship convincingly connect with the audience.

9. Collectors- 2020

Grave robber Kang Dong-Goo is a master who collaborates with renowned shoveler Sabdari and ancient tomb mural specialist Dr. Johns to obtain ancient artifacts for a private collector. Yoon, the curator, is a specialist in historical art. She makes Kang Dong-Goo an appealing but risky offer. It is a comedy but a crime story of skilled thieves carrying out a risk-filled heist.

10. Going By The Book- 2007

Going by the Book is a humorous, lighthearted film that will send you on an emotional rollercoaster of wonder. Seung-u, the recently appointed head of the Sampo City Police Office, is tasked with stopping the recent bank robberies. As a result, he sets up a mock bank robbery, but a naïve traffic cop gets sucked into the role-playing, and things don't turn out as planned. It is a remake of a 1991 Japanese movie.