Article: Top 10 Thai Dramas That Give You A Glimpse Of Thai Culture

If you are bored with Korean dramas and want to explore a new world of dramas, Thai dramas are your ultimate destination. Like Korean dramas, Thai dramas also produce a wide range of genres. From romantic comedies, horror, and fantasy to BL dramas, they have it all. If you are someone who enjoys binging on Asian dramas in general, then you may have seen at least one Thai drama. The best thing about Thai dramas is their availability. Other than the paid and subscription-based streaming sites, you can easily find good Thai dramas on free streaming platforms like YouTube with subtitles of your preferred language. Here is the list of the top 10 Thai drama that gives you a glimpse of Thai culture.

1. Hormones: The Series

Hormones The Series is a Thai drama released in May 2013. The story mainly focuses on nine characters of college students as they go through different life experiences like relationships, pregnancy, homosexuality, school violence, and more. Each episode shows the story and challenges of one or many characters of the nine. As of 2023, this series has three seasons, with the third season released in 2015.

2. The Crown Princess

The Crown Princess is a Thai drama released in 2018. The drama shows the story of the crowned princess of a small country Hyross, named Alice, played by Urassaya Sperbund, whose life was in danger after her coronation. She was then sent to Thailand in the safeguard of Dawin Samuthyakron, played by Nadech Kugimia, a lieutenant commander in the Thai navy. This drama won the TV Gold Awards in 2019, in the categories of Best Actor in a Leading Role, Best Actress in a Supporting Role, and best art competition.

3. The Gifted

The Gifted is a Thai fantasy drama released in 2018. This drama tells you the story of a student named Pawaret Pang Sermrittirong, played by Korapat Kirdpan, who studies at Ridhtha High School and struggles with his studies. His school has a very strict classification system where students are ranked according to their grades. Pang was at the lowest level and wanted to go to the top. He then took the school’s placement exam and moved to the top section becoming the first student to transfer. But things started to change when he found something strange in the section.

4. Ugly Duckling Series: Perfect Match

Ugly Duckling is a Thai series released in 2015. This series tells a story about a girl who was labeled as ugly by people. She then goes under the knife to change her appearance after getting this constant pressure of not being “beautiful.” But, after the surgery, she realizes that she has an allergy to the chemicals used, and because of that, she gets a lot of breakouts in her face. As this can take a year to heal, she shifts to the countryside to continue her life. There, she meets a guy who is the first person who genuinely wants to become friends with her despite her looks.

5. In Family We Trust

In Family We Trust is a Thai mystery drama released in 2018. The drama follows the story of a big family that has an unbreakable bond with each other. They own many hotels in Bangkok and Pattaya. They are a close-knit family with many members who can set an example of a perfect family. But things start to change when A-Gong, the grandfather of the family dies. Things start to take a strange turn when some series of deaths happen within the family. This drama will not let you leave your seat and is a must-watch on the list.

6. 2gether

2gether is a Thai romantic comedy, BL drama, released in 2020. This series follows the story of a boy named Tine Teepakorn who wanted to get rid of the constant attention he was getting from his admirer named Green. To do the same, he started to fake his relationship with Sarawat Guntithanon, a mysterious musician. But, things started to change as the fake relationship between them transitioned into a real one as the story progressed. The chemistry of the actors in this drama is loved by the audience and this also shows the acceptance of the LGBTQ+ community in Thailand.

7. Girl From Nowhere

Girl From Nowhere is a Thai mystery and fantasy series released in 2018. This drama revolves around a girl named Nanno, played by Chicha Amatayakul, who has supernatural powers to punish the wrongdoings and selfish deeds of other human beings. She goes to different private schools and exposes problematic secrets and wrongdoings of the students and teachers there. This series has two seasons, and the second season was released in 2021. In the second season, she means Yuri, played by Chanya McClory, who was a victim saved by Nanno. After a series of events, she also gets the power that Nanno has, and the story progresses.

8. My Gear Your Gown

My Gear Your Gown is a Thai romantic comedy drama released in 2020. The drama revolves around two people. One is a medical student named Pai, played by Pawin KulKarunyawich. And the other is an engineering student named Itt, played by Pahun Jiacharoen. Both college students were each other's enemy when in high school. Fate brought them together again when they were in college. This drama focuses on the lives of these two university students and their journey of falling in love, relationships, and self-discovery in the process.

9. My Engineer

My Engineer is a Thai BL drama released in 2020. This drama tells many stories in every episode. An engineering student named Bohn, played by Patpasit Na Songkhla, has injured his nose because of another student named Duen, played by Kritsanapong Soonthornchatchawet. So Bohn tells Duen to bring him flowers for him every day in compensation for his broken nose. As the story progresses, they start to fall for each other. This drama also tells the story of another couple, King and Ram, played by Talay Sanguandilkul and Nakhun Screaigh, respectively. This drama gives us an insight into the academics and acceptance of LGBTQ+ in Thailand.

10. Girl2k

Girl2k is a romantic comedy and fantasy Thai drama released in 2021. This drama revolves around a girl named Momay, played by Susar Manaying, who is immortal and 2,000 years old. She is tired of her immortality and wants to get mortal. She then meets a fortune teller who tells her that if she can find love, then she can become mortal again. This drama tells us the belief of Thai people in mortality and immortality.