Article: Top Chinese Actresses Who Killed It In The Bold Kajal Look!

Chinese actresses are well known for setting makeup trends. Kohl's eyes have been a fresh choice for these celebrities. They wore black kohl eyes with an impressive twist. Some smudged the kohl for a Smokey eye effect, and some added glitter to the look. These are some of the makeup looks you all should recreate to make people bamboozled.

1. Ni Ni

The actress is best known for her roles in Love and Destiny and My Best Friend’s Story. She gathered appreciation for her bold smokey eye look for a British magazine photoshoot.

2. Crystal Liu Yi Fei

She is a singer and an actress who loves experimenting with makeup looks. She is famous for her role in Mulan. She is more inclined to clean the kohl eye look.

3. Zeng Li

She is well known for her iconic roles in Swords of Legends 2 and On the Road. She never fails to make a style statement with her eye makeup.

4. Fan Bingbing

Fan Bingbing was honored as the highest-paid actress by Forbes magazine. She is an influential actress, and her fans love to follow her makeup looks.

5. Zhao Wei

The actress is known for her role in Romance in the Rain, and she is also an entrepreneur. She wears her kohl black eyes with unmatched confidence.

6. Huang Sheng Yi

She is a Chinese actress and singer and rose to fame after working in Kung Fu Hustle. She is a timeless beauty and a trendsetter.

7. Zhang Ziyi

She is a critically acclaimed and globally recognized actress. She makes a point to keep her makeup looks subtle.

8. Gong Li

The Chinese actress never fails to surprise her fans. She is an ideal beauty. She carries her bold eye makeup with elegance and wears her statement lip shades.

9. Vivian Hsu

Vivian Hsu is an actress and singer famous in China and Japan. She usually doesn't wear makeup. But when she does, she makes her eyes stand out.

10. Gemma Chan

Gemma Chan is an actress and the face of L'oreal. She promotes self-care and wears bold eyes flawlessly.