Article: Top 10 Japanese BL Shows That Are Unforgettable

Japanese shows are widely known for their beautiful visuals and meaningful plots. Japanese BL dramas are quite unique with their perfectly balanced plots, light hearted humor and impeccable acting. Some of the most famous Japanese BL shows are adaptations of famous manga’s. Japanese Bl’s are memorable because they bring a sense of excitement at fiction coming to life, while also containing realistic stories. Japanese Bl’s are also famous for their depiction of characters who resonate with a diverse audience. The shows explore themes of love, acceptance, growth, with captivating cinematography that leaves their mark on the audience.

1. Cherry Magic! Thirty Years Of Virginity Can Make You A Wizard?!

Based on the manga with the same name, Cherry Magic is the story of Adachi Kiyoshi, a hard-   working shy guy who, on his 30th birthday, gets the magical power of reading minds when he touches people. His new power sends him into a panic and only gets worse when he accidentally finds out that the handsome heartthrob of their office, Kurosawa Yuichi, has a massive crush on him. This revelation begins to change Adachi’s life as his relationship with Kurosawa starts to develop. The show is a heartwarming mix of humor, romance, and the charm of self-acceptance, with a pinch of magic. Adachi's journey from a shy office worker to an endearing wizard who can read minds is a joy to watch. The chemistry between Kiyoshi and Yuichi is sweet and genuine, and the couple is utterly adorable to watch. Every episode of ‘Cherry Magic’ leaves you with a smile that lingers long after the credits roll.

2. Our Dining Table

“Our Dining Table” is a sweet tale about a shy office worker named Yutaka. He becomes friends with a young boy named Tane and his older brother Minoru. They start spending their Sunday’s cooking and eating together and discover the joy of shared meals and the healing power of food. It’s a tale of love and acceptance and captures how the simple act of dining together can create a sense of family and belonging.

3. Jack O’Frost

“Jack o' Frost” is about Okusawa Ritsu, an artist, in a live-in relationship with Ikegami Fumiya. On his birthday, after a fight that results in their breakup, Ritsu gets into an accident and loses all memories of Fumiya. Fumiya takes care of him but pretends they are only roommates. The couple spends time together in their apartment, rediscovering what they once loved about each other. The story is a tale of romance and introspection as the couple falls in love again.

4. End Of The World With You

Masumi, an office worker, visits his university library to read after learning that a meteor is headed towards Earth and is to wipe out humanity in 10 days. At the library, he unexpectedly meets his ex-boyfriend Ritsu, who had broken his heart during university. The two go on a trip to help a young boy meet his family. Masumi tries to deal with his feelings for Ritsu, and the other tries to mend their relationship. The two go on the journey to live without regrets and heal their hearts.

5. My Beautiful Man 2

Hira Kazunari and Kiyoi Sou are boyfriends and live together in Hira’s house. Hira, a final year student, considers Kiyoi as his muse. While Kiyoi rises to fame, Hira doubts his photography skills and career. The two are opposites. Hira worships Kiyoi, who craves his attention, establishing a unique dynamic. Hira and Kiyoi soon realize their relationship needs work to have a future together. The storytelling and the beautiful portrayal of the characters make the show a memorable watch.

6. Ossan’s Love

“Ossan’s Love” is the story of 33-year-old Soichi, who isn’t popular amongst women. He begins to live with Maki Ryota, a coworker who is good at housekeeping. One day, Ryota and Kurosawa Musashi, another coworker, confess their feelings to Soichi, who now has to deal with the attention and affection of the two men.

7. Old Fashion Cupcake

Nozue is a 39-year-old office worker stuck in a mundane life. With his stagnant life and work, he feels slightly depressed. Nozue assumes his office junior, 29-year-old Togawa, is cold to him despite being a subordinate, while Togawa is secretly infatuated with Nozue. On a random day, fate brings them closer to each other as they both visit a pancake shop. They begin spending more time at the shop and enjoy each other’s presence. This show is a sweet, slow romance.

8. I Only Want To Keep Looking At You

Childhood best friends Asakura Sakura and Nagase Yuma are at the end of high school.  On the precipice of adulthood, Asakura has unrequited feelings and struggles with them. Yuma is dazed when Asakura confesses his love one day. “I Only Want To Keep Looking At You” showcases life between carefree childhood and responsible adulthood.

9. My Personal Weatherman

“My Personal Weatherman” is a story about manga artist Yoh and his unusual contract with weather forecaster Segasaki, who makes Yoh cook and clean for him in exchange for being provided food. Yoh struggles with his frustration and attraction for Segasaki as they live together. The mature storyline paves the way for an exciting series of misunderstandings, insecurities, and the desire to progress in a relationship built around control.

10. Life: Love On The Line

“Life: Love on the Line” follows the lives of two boys, the serious Ito and the fun boy Nishi, who meet by chance while walking on the white line on the sidewalk. The show depicts the relationship between Ito and Nishi at various stages of their lives, from high school to their adulthood. The series is the slice-of-life journey of the couple as they tackle issues and navigate their adulthood.