Article: 10 Underrated Japanese Actors And Actresses

There are many exceptional actors and actresses globally, but only a few of them make it to the popularity lists. Some actors, despite their enormous talent, are underappreciated. Here are ten underrated Japanese actors and actresses.

1. Okada Junichi

Okada Junichi is a Japanese actor who has won two prizes in the Japan Academy Awards. Some works he has appeared in are Dear Friend, Kisarazu cat’s eye, SP, Hard Luck Hero, Tokyo Tower, etc.


2. Sosuke Ikematsu

Sosuke Ikematsu is a Japanese television, film, and theatre actor best known for his role in the 2003 film The Last Samurai as Higen, the young nephew of samurai leader Katsumoto. He has appeared in several works, including Dive, Looking up at the Half Moon, Udon, Drucker in the Dug-Out, and others.


3. Sakura Ando

Sakura Ando is a Japanese actress and has won the best supporting actress at the 31st Yokohama film festival for Ai No Mukidashi, Kuhio Taisa, and Tsumitoka Batsutoka.


4. Issei Takahashi

Issei Takahashi is an actor, singer, and voice actor. He is known for appearing in works like Kill Bill Volume, Whisper of the Heart, Wife of a Spy, Romance Doll, Samurai Shifters, Heaven and Hell: Soul Exchange, Path of the Dragons, etc.


5. Hayashi Kento

Hayashi Kento is a Japanese actor and was scouted on a school trip at Shibuya Station Platform. He made his debut in 2007 with the movie Battery. Works he has starred in are Scarlet, Sekai wa 3 de Dekitei, etc.


6. Tanimura Mitsuki

Tanimura Mitsuki is a Japanese actress who began her career as a photo model. In 2002, she made her television debut in the drama Manten. She has appeared in films such as Stare, Recall, Rose and Tulip, Midnight Diner 2, and others.


7. Shizuka Ishibashi

Shizuka Ishibashi is a Japanese actress who had begun her classical ballet training when she was four years old and was also an active contemporary dancer until she began acting in 2015. She has appeared in films such as Gekirin, The Tokyo Night Sky Is Always the Darkest Shade of Blue and others.


8. Ryo Kase

Ryo Kase is a Japanese actor who appeared in Clint Eastwood's Letters as Shimizu, a lower-ranking Japanese soldier. He's also appeared in some international films, including Restless, Like Someone in Love, Hill of Freedom, Silence, and others.


9. Kaho

Kaho is a Japanese actress and fashion model. She modelled for teen fashion magazines like PurePure and Pichi Lemon She then played several roles in works such as Ketai Keiji Zenigata Rei, A Gentle Breeze in the Village, A Beloved Wife, Red, Blue Hour, The Antique, etc.


10. Emoto Tasuku

Emoto Tasuku is a Japanese actor and is the child of actor Emoto Akira and actress Tsunogae Kazue. He began acting at a young age and has played many supporting roles since then in dramas, feature films, etc. Works in which he has appeared are Utsukushī Natsu Kirishima, Rokuyon Kohen, Asadora Asa Ga Kita, Reminiscence, etc.