Article: 10 Korean Actors/Actresses Who Rejected Famous Roles

In the Korean industry, there are many high-rated actors and actresses. Korean industry demonstrates many talents and includes more skills every time. Many actors and actresses leave some roles for their projects and demanding schedules, but lead roles they reject sometimes become more famous.

Therefore at this time we will discuss some acclaimed Korean actors and actresses who rejected prominent roles and some of those roles become so renowned.

1. Hyun Bin

Hyun Bin was initially offered to perform in rom-com SBS drama ‘Kill Me, Heal Me 2015.’But the actor couldn’t play the role because of his commitment to the TV series ‘Hyde Jekyll, Me 2015.’ At that point the project went to Ji-sung. He played the role of Cha Do-Hyun, who suffers from a personality disorder illness.


2. Jung Yong-Hwa

Yong-Hwa was offered to play Choi Yeong-do in ‘The Heirs.’ But the actor could not accept the offer because he represented a student in ‘Heartstrings 2011.’ He performed in ‘Marry Him If You Dare 2013.’Eventually, the project was carried out by Kim Woo-Bin. ‘The Heirs’ was a blockbuster around the world.


3. Song Hye-Kyo

The role in the romantic comedy-drama ‘Hyena’ was first offered to Song Hye-Kyo. Song rejected the offer because she was extremely active with her other movie project. Ultimately, Kim Hye-soo played the role of the lawyer Jung Geum-Ja in Hyena.


4. Bae Suzy

The web toon-based drama ‘Cheese in The Trap’ was offered initially to Bae Suzy. She did not accept it. Ultimately, Kim Go-Eun played the role of Hong Seol, an impoverished student who approaches a charming boy but possesses many secrets.


5. Jang Guen-Suk

Jang Geun-suk rejected the role of the leader of F4 Goo Joon-Pyo in ‘Boys Over Flowers’ and played in the drama ‘Beethoven Virus 2008.’This role was offered later to Lee Min-ho.


6. Jang Hyuk

The popular romantic comedy-drama ‘Secret Garden 2010’ was initially offered to Jang Hyuk. Jang rejected the offer because he was hard-pressed with the drama ‘Midas 2011.’Eventually, Hyun Bin played the role of rich Kim Joo-won.


7. Kim Woo-Bin

The role of Choi Dal-Po in the rom-com melodrama ‘Pinocchio’ was initially offered to Kim Woo-bin. But he declined the offer due to his hectic schedule. Ultimately, the project was conducted by Lee Jung-suk.


8. Song Joong-Ki

The established, romantic Kdrama series ‘Moon Embracing The Sun’ was initially offered to Song Joong-ki. The actor refused this role because he was efficient with the Kdrama ‘Tree With Deep Roots 2011.’ Eventually, the prime role as Lee Hwon was performed by Kim Soo-Hyun.


9. Jun Ji-Hyun

Jun Ji-Hyun was initially offered the role of Gumiho in fantasy romantic drama ‘My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox 2010.’ But she rejected the part, and it was offered to Shin Min-ah. She performed it well, and Kdrama was a massive hit.


10. Jung Woo-Sung

The popular comedy-drama ‘Full House 2004’ was offered to Jung Woo-sung. But he declined the acclaimed role of Lee Yeong-Jae, and eventually, Rain accepted the project.