Article: Top 10 Best Thai BL Dramas Ever

BL or boy love is an emerging genre in the Asian drama world. And as the world is becoming more comfortable with gender fluidity, BL dramas are getting accepted more warmly worldwide. There are numerous movies made on the touching subject of LGBT. In my opinion, these BL dramas are helping in normalizing the existence of LGBT in Asia. Asian countries are conservative and restricting compared to western countries or the rest of the world. But, Thailand has surprised everyone by creating so many good BL dramas, one might think the issues of the LGBT don’t even exist.

Many Thai BL dramas deal with the societal pressures and various issues homosexual people have to go through. Many BL dramas have happy endings. So, here is a list of 10 Thai BL dramas that, in my opinion, are the best and a must-watch.

1. Sotus: The Series

MyDramaList: 8.2

IMDb: 8.0

The drama takes place in an engineering school. All new students entering this university must go through a system called SOTUS. Arthritis is a college student who uses its power to intimidate new students into submitting. All the students are scared of him, but Kongbop decides to stand against him. It creates tension between them as they clash against one another at every step. As they fight and argue, they discover things about each other they did not expect. Slowly, this hate turns into something more affectionate.


2. Dark Blue Kiss

MyDramalist: 8.1

IMDb: 8.0

It is a continuation of the previous BL series, 'Kiss Me' and 'Kiss Me Again.' It is not standalone, so you have to watch the others before you with Dark Blue Kiss. But, it is so worth it. It is better than its predecessors by a mile and a half. This drama shows how the main couple is scared to come out and strains their relationship. While the story of another couple also begins.


3.Theory Of Love

MyDtramaList: 8.1

IMDb: 8.0

This drama is the story of Khai and Third. Khai is a playboy and has a different girl in his arms every other day. In contrast, Third is one of his best friends and deeply in love with Khai. Third, knowing Khai is straight will never date his friends, so he is content by loving him from afar. Khai somehow gets to know about Third’s feelings and tries to pull away. When Third realizes a secret about Khai, he also decides to back off. But, now, Khai gets interested. Watch the drama to find out their story.


4. Tharntype

MyDramaList: 8.1

IMDb: 8.3

Type is a freshman with good looks, good looks, and good looks. But, he is homophobic because of childhood trauma. He meets Tharn, who is his college roommate. There is handsome, intelligent and charming, and also gay. Type becomes obsessed with removing Tharn from his room, while Tharn decides to change Type’s homophobic ways. These two guys who hate each other now have to live in a small space together. Watch this drama to find how their hate turns into love.


5. 2gether

MyDramaList: 7.9

IMDb: 7.9

Tine is a handsome college student. He has a stalker Green, who wants to make Tine his boyfriend. To chase Green away, Tine asks one of the most popular guys on the campus to be his pretend boyfriend. Sarawat is a member of the music and soccer club. Sarawat agrees, and they manage to chase Green away, but somehow they fall in love too. It is a cute love story, with not much drama and lots of fluff.


6. 2 Moons

MyDramaList: 7.6

IMDb: 7.4

Wayo, the protagonist, has a secret. His long-time secret crush is a senior in the same college he has joined. Phana, the man Wayo has a passion for, is famous in the college but hates the attention. When they meet, Phana seems to bully Wayo, but as they interact and spend time together, love begins to bloom. It is a happy drama, with not much tears and angst. The acting is a heartfelt feel-good series.


7. My Engineer

MyDramaList: 7.9

IMDb: 7.5

The drama revolves around four couples. The main couple is Bohn and Duen. Bohn wants to take revenge on Duen. One of his plans includes making Duen buy him roses daily for a month. Duen is an innocent first-year medical student. He offends Bohn by mistake but now has to go through the punishment of buying him roses. Feelings develop as they struggle through friendships and other hardships life brings.


8. Great Men Academy

MyDramaList: 8.0

IMDb: 7.7

This drama is a light-hearted fantasy cum romantic comedy. It follows Love, a girl who is a fan of a popular and handsome guy Vier. She wishes to meet him, but the genie who hears her wish interprets it in a wrong way. She wakes up in the body of a man and now has to attend the academy Vier attends? Watch how Love makes Vier fall in love with him. The show explores the profound topic of, can people fall in love with the souls of their partners?


9. Why R U?

MyDramaList: 8.0

IMDb: 7.6

Why R U? shows the story of multiple couples. Tutor and fighter are mature men but let their ego come between them. Slowly, the hatred subsides, and they develop a deep affection for each other. Sarah and Zon are men who love to write science fiction. They hate each other and consider themselves enemies. The drama describes the love and hate story of these couples.


10. Love By Chance

MyDramaList: 8.0

IMDb: 8.0

Pete is a timid man. He is handsome and rich. But because of his meek personality, he often gets taken advantage of by others. Ae meets Pete when he gets hit by Pete’s bike. They become friends, and Ae comes to care for Pete. He decides to protect Pete, and slowly they start to develop feelings for each other. Watch the drama to know if Pete will overcome his shyness and confess to Ae or will they remain stuck behind their hesitation forever.