Article: Top 10 Male K-Pop Idols Who Had Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery in the entertainment world is not unheard of, whether Hollywood or Korean entertainment. Celebrities always want to look perfect, and one of the easiest ways to do it is getting reshaped to fit your aspired beauty standards. However, these procedures are deemed very controversial. The people who get them done don't want to talk about it, while they love to talk about it. The majority of these celebrities prefer to keep hush about this topic, and it even seems more taboo for male idols to admit to having undergone these surgeries. Here is a list of 10 male K-pop idols who have had plastic surgery of some kind and been bold enough to admit it in public.

1. Heechul (Super Junior)

Heechul or Kim Heechul is a member of a famous Korean pop music band called Super Junior. He admitted this in an episode of a TV show. He talked about how he had a traffic accident due to which he had to get the surgery done for his nose. If you look at the before and after pictures, you can quickly tell how his nose seems flatter than before. Heechul is known for his kindness to the audience, and his honestly accepting and telling the listeners about his surgery had made his fan base even more vital. He has even admitted to getting double eyelid surgery. Double eyelids are considered one of the beautiful features in Korean culture. But, honestly, it doesn't matter because the surgery looks natural, and he is still as talented as ever.


2. Kim Hyun Joon

Kim Hyun Joon is a Korean actor and singer. You might have seen him dramas like Playful kiss or Boys Over Flowers. This handsome actor also publicly admitted to getting a nose job done. The attractive celebrity is frequently compared to a sculpture and given the nickname, 'Walking sculpture.'On a TV show, the host asked him whether his perfect features were god-given or did he get some tweaking done. He mentioned that God gave him everything, but the doctor put in some finishing touches. He further explained how he got hit by a stone and had to undergo nose surgery. He confidently and elegantly mentioned how he was delighted with his looks and wouldn't trade with anyone.


3. Kyuhyun ( Super Junior)

Kyuhyun is a member of the K-pop group super junior. Yes, another member from the same group. But, Kyuhyun also mentioned on a talk show how his label suggested he undergo double eyelid surgery to propagate more of a softer look for the audience. He said he agreed to it. Although he didn't get a retouched surgery for a long time because he thought the trend was disappearing in the entertainment industry. However, he did get it retouched after a while, saying how weird it felt being without that feature.


4. Junjin (Shinhwa)

Junjin is a member of a six-person boy band from Korea. He admitted this very candidly on a TV talk show. When all the members asked if they were ‘naturally’ this handsome, he did not reply. After the host asked him why he never replied, he said of course because he had gotten some work done, making everyone present erupt in laughter. As the agency pressured him, he did it. He said he did not regret it because it made him more handsome.


5. Dong Wan (Shinhwa)

Kim Dong Wan is also a member of Shinhwa and a famous actor. You may have seen it at Moorim's school. In a TV show, he mentioned that he had a nose operation. He recounted the old days of his pre-debut when he went to take his profile pictures, and his manager surprised him with a nose job. Dong Wan also mentioned how he did not like his previous nose as it was very beaky in shape and reminded him of an Arab person's nose. He thought it did not suit his face at all. He amusingly said after the surgery, even the doctor told him that he'd got a new nose.


6. Shindong (Super Junior)

Shindong is a member of the K-pop group Super Junior who brazenly admitted that he has passed through plastic surgery. He mentioned it on a Variety TV show when he asked if his looks were natural. Shindong is known for his humorous and playful personality among K-pop fans. He's also been an actor for a while, admitting that this shouldn't have been easy for him, but honestly revealed how his company suggested he undergo double eyelid surgery to get his eyes to show attractiveness. He said he couldn't disagree and was pleased with the outcome.


7. Hwang Chi Yeol 

Hwang Chi Yeol is a solo singer in the k-pop industry. He's had his debut pretty early but wasn't very well received. He did get famous after a year. He performed on a TV show for singers. He is also known famously as a late-rising idol. While on a Variety TV show, he boldly revealed how he had gotten a nose job before his debut. He disclosed the fact even after his crew members tried to stop him. He said it was okay for him to talk about his nose job since he was not a member of any K-pop group.


8. Hwang Kanghee (ZE:A)

Hwang Kanghee is a member of the K-pop boy group ZE: A. He is a celebrity who speaks about body issues and difficulties for the people who get plastic surgeries. He underwent a nose job, which he has spoken about in public several times. He is also the spokesperson for a plastic surgery clinic. He has mentioned how a simple nose job changed his appearance so much. He divulged how staying in the spotlight has made him conscious of his features, and he is not confident of his nose. It was the reason behind his decision to get nose surgery. He says this change has made him more confident, and he is more comfortable with his features now. He talked about how a simple surgery made him less self-conscious and raised his self-esteem. Also, he wants to help remove the taboo on getting plastic surgeries.


9. Hye Sung (Shinhwa)

Hye Sung is a member of the popular K-pop group Shinhwa. During a TV talk show, when the group members were asked if they were naturally handsome, only three of them replied in affirmative. Hye sung was not one of them. He did not admit the fact. When one of the members said that it was apparent the rest of them had gotten some work done, he didn’t deny it, choosing to stay silent and for undergone double eyelid surgery, people accused him. But that surgery in Korea is quite common. So it doesn’t seem like a big deal.


10. Kim Namjoon (BTS)

Kim Namjoon or, RM, is a member and the leader of the internationally known K-pop group BTS. He has admitted via social media that he had to go through a simple nose surgery because of a breathing condition. He explained how it was getting difficult for him to breathe because of his nose, so he had to go through surgery that altered the shape of his nose. Although he specifically mentioned the nose job was because of his health condition and not to change his features. The man was devastatingly handsome before the surgery, and he is afterward, too.