Article: Top 10 Strongest Sorcerers In Jujutsu Kaisen

Jujutsu Kaisen is one of the most hit anime series and has been a sensation worldwide ever since they aired their first season in 2020. The manga is currently still ongoing with over 20 volumes. It is written by Gege Akutami. In 2018, the manga began serialization and has been a fan-favorite since then. Yuji Itadori is an athletic high schooler who joins the school’s occult club. He accidentally stumbles upon the supernatural world after releasing a cursed spirit through a mysterious artifact. His main goal is to find Ryomen Sukuna, all the fingers of a powerful curse, in an attempt to destroy him.

1. Satoru Gojo

Satoru Goji is no doubt the most powerful sorcerer to be in the story of Jujutsu Kaisen and is the main protagonist of the anime. He is introduced as a central character in the first chapter of the story. He is one of the few special-grade sorcerers and is the best among them. He is the pride of the Gojo Family and is the first person to inherit both Six Eyes and Limitless in four hundred years. He works as a teacher in the Tokyo Jujutsu High and uses his power to train and protect young solid allies.

2. Yuta Okkotsu

Yuta is a central supporting character in the series and the main protagonist of the prequel series. Initially, he is a special-grade cursed human haunted by Rika Orinoco, his late childhood friend. He is a second-year student at Jujutsu High. With Miguel in Africa, he was training overseas until the Shibuya Incident, when he had to return to Tokyo. He is recognized as one of the only four Special Grade Sorcerers. His characteristic that stands out is his immeasurable curse energy.

3. Yuki Tsukumo

Yuki is one of the four special-grade Jujutsu sorcerers. She is not aligned with Jujutsu High, and therefore, her reputation paints her as the only sorcerer who doesn't take on missions. She disagrees with the mothers of the higher-ups’ and works towards a curse-free world. She has the ability of Star Crush, which adds weight to her techniques, which makes her strong enough to deal with crushing blows to her enemies.

4. Toji Fushiguro

Toji Fushiguro is a former member of the Zenin family and is known as Sorcerer Killer, an infamous assassin. He is the father of Megumi. He is a non-curse user but still can contend with most of the powerful sorcerers, one of them, being Satoru Gojo, who is an elite fighter, along with Suguru Geto, who is a powerful curse manipulator. He is a confident, cool-headed man who makes a living by using his skills and doesn’t sweat over small stuff.

5. Maki Zenin

Maki Zenin, born into the Zenin Family, is a major supporting character in the anime. She is in her second year at Jujutsu High. She is Ogi Zenin’s daughter and Mai Zenin, elder twin-sister. She is a non-sorcerer being born in one of the Big Three Sorcerer Families, which made the people in the Clan mistreat her. She wants to be a great sorcerer to spite her family while working closely with her friends Toge Inumaki and Panda while also being a role model to the first-year students.

6. Ryomen Sukuna

Ryomen Sukuna is believed to be the strongest jujutsu sorcerer from a thousand years ago. He is regarded as the undisputed King of Curses and is the primary antagonist of the series. According to legends, he is an imaginary demon, during the Heian Era, but is the Disgraced One. He existed throughout the ages by transforming into a cursed object after death. In 2018, he was incarnated when Yuji consumed one of his fingers. He was trapped inside Yuji’s body and rarely had control until he managed to transform his soul into the body of Megumi Fushiguro.

7. Kenjaku

Kenjaku is one of the primary antagonists of the series. He has existed for over a thousand years by using his innate technique that allows him to transplant his brain into other people by controlling them. His main goal is to evolve humanity to bring forth an age compared to the Heian Era. He is mighty and one of the most vital Domain users in the series. He could also overpower someone as strong as Choso. His greatest asset is his intelligence, using which he can deduce any ability easily.

8. Suguru Geto

He is one of the most potent curse manipulators. Initially, he was a student of Masamichi with Shoko Ieiri and Satoru Gojo. His experience as a sorcerer develops a deep hatred for all non-sorcerers, which leads to an incident where he massacres over a hundred civilians all in a single night. He gets expelled from Jujutsu High and is known as the worst of the curse users. His main feature is his vast collection of cursed spirits and that he is an excellent psychical fighter.

9. Kento Nanami

He was a former student of Jujutsu High, where he was an underclassman of Suguru Geto and Satoru Gojo. He initially left, after graduating to become a salaryman, but four years later returned to continue working as a jujutsu sorcerer. He was ranked as grade 1 while working as a Jujutsu High sorcerer and operated primarily outside the Tokyo campus. He is a precise fighter who uses techniques like the Ratio Technique, which allows him to divide his target into ten pieces.

10. Yuji Itadori

Yuji is the main protagonist of the series. He is the son of Kaori and Jin Itadori and the grandson of Wasuke Itadori. He is living an everyday life in Sendai City, until he has an encounter with Megumi, and eats one of Sukuna’s fingers. After this, he became Sukuna’s vessel and began attending Jujutsu High with other first-year students, Nobara and Megumi. Early he is seen as a skilled fighter who defeats grade 1 curses with his curse abilities and superhuman strength.