Article: Top 10 Anime Characters Worth Falling For

The Anime world is filled with adorable characters with incredibly charming personalities that would make the audience fall for them. Some are highly kind, some are strong, some don't hesitate to sacrifice for their loved ones, and some are incredibly beautiful inside and outside. Here, we will discuss the top 10 anime characters worth falling for.

1. Howl (Howl's Moving Castle)

With blonde hair, blue eyes, and a smile worth dying for, Howl is among the most handsome characters of Ghibli Studios. He is firm yet soft due to his magical powers, and his heart aches for the destruction heavy machinery and wars have been causing. The combination of a pure heart, energy, and unbeatable beauty is worth falling for.

2. Challe Fen Challe (Sugar Apple Fairy Tale)

Challe Fen Challe has a charming face and a dense personality that only melts for Anne, the protagonist. He is a beautiful warrior fairy that humans captured, and many hunters died in the process, too. Anne bought him to ensure her safety on her journey to the sugar master competition in the central main city in front of the royals. The sacrifices he made are worth falling for.

3. Kamado Tanjiro (Demon Slayer)

Tanjiro is a famous star of the Demon Slayer series who is a very appealing character because he is strong yet very kind. We can see him showering his kindness even on the demons who must have devoured countless lives. The sibling love we saw within him is unbeatable and worth applause. His pure heart, soul, intentions, smile, and beauty are worth falling for.

4. Gojo

Gojo is a prominent member of the list since he is powerful and beautiful. He has silvery white hair and beautiful simmering blue eyes worth falling for, and above all that, his personality is a plus point to the whole scenario.

5. Kojou

Kojou is probably the laziest progenitor, but fate made him the strongest vampire. He faced odd situations filled with magic and monsters while still in high school. He looks fabulous and is seen quite popular among guys throughout the series. He won't hesitate to put his life at stake for his friends and family, and this behavior is worth falling for.

6. Hinemo

Hinemo seems like a chill personality initially, but as her back story was revealed to the audience, we learned about her intense side with many losses. All his partners died one after another during the challenging missions, and thus she wanted Aki to live till the end. She didn't hesitate to give up his life for him in need. She is goofy yet powerful and manages to survive the worst, even if her partners die one after another.

7. Mikasa

Mikasa is a popular character of record-breaking AOT. She is an Ackerman, which gives her immense strength, and we rarely see her thinking about herself. We only saw her severe face and tremendous care and dedication for Eren. No one can quickly love someone willing to wipe out the entire planet, but she did it until the end. Her immense faith, love, care, and sacrifice are worth falling for.

8. Kirito

Kirito is the protagonist of the infamous Sword Art online series, which is wowsome. Getting stuck into a virtual world is scary but worth watching. Kirtio and Asuna were a great pair throughout the episodes, and the way Kirito was there for her against all the odds is worth falling for.

9. Suzume

Suzume is the protagonist of the anime with the same name. She is funny, cute, and caring and can put in effort for someone she falls for. Throughout the series, we see the pair of leads close the unwanted scary doors opened by Daijin. When the hero is turned into a keystone, she does not leave him but gets back to help him.

10. Himeragi

Himeragi is a popular character in Strike the Blood. She is powerful and knows many fierce battle moves, but she is still innocent and caring by the heart. She deeply cares for Kojou and is always seen protecting him from all the odds.