Article: Top 10 Popular Anime Characters With Ponytail

Other than personality, various features depend on which character in the anime world is remembered, and sometimes, it's the face, eye colors, dressing sense, and hairstyle. A hairstyle plays a vital role in a person's overall look; the same is true of anime characters. Here, we will discuss the top 10 popular anime characters with ponytails.

1. Asagi Aiba (Strike The Blood)

Strike the Blood is a distinct anime with various great characters worth remembering. Asagi has played the lead in various individual episodes, especially in the one where it was revealed that she is the priestess of Cain, and the island protects her from every danger. She is knowledgeable with coding and works as an intern with the island's security. Her hair is blonde and is usually styled into a cute half ponytail that fans love.

2. Itachi Uchiha (Naruto)

Itachi was featured in a few episodes but had an unbeatable impact on Naruto fans. His deeds were heinous with pure intention, and his sacrifice is unmatched in the series. He knew the horror that the third Shinobi war would bring along, and thus, he silenced the spark of it all at once by wiping his clan without mercy.

3. Nagisa Akatsuki (Strike The Blood)

Nagisa is a cute and bubbly girl in the same class as Himeragi and has appeared in many episodes supporting the character and helping his brother Kojou. She is frequently seen in her high school uniform paired with a cute ponytail that looks stunning with her attire.

4. Suzume (Suzume)

Suzume is the girl who accidentally led the harmful worms into the real world and freed the keystone that created a mess in the entire nation. A cute talking chair accompanies her throughout her journey, whom Daijin actually curses, and later, it is revealed that he is the keystone itself. They get into a mess when Suzume accidentally frees a keystone that takes a cute cat's face.

5. Sayaka Kirasaka (Strike The Blood)

Kiraska is introduced in the series as an extraordinary archer who is very close to Himeragi and deeply cares for her; thus, she dislikes Kojou. As the story progressed, she started having a deep affection for Kojou and stood beside him and Himeragi against all the odds. Her long hair is made into a beautiful ponytail that matches her every attire.

6. Hange Zoë (Attack On Titan)

Hange was a perfect leader, leading the survey corps with everything she had. She fought for her team till the last breath and became a symbol of bravery when she stood against the rambling Titans without hesitation, even if it meant death. She is a true leader with her experiments and combat skills and looks great with her ponytail. The fans of AOT mourned her tragic death due to her immense popularity among fans.

7. Aki (Chainsaw Man)

Akis looks cute and calm and secretly creates a soft corner for Makima. His hairstyle, too, is adorable and worth noticing. He is always there for his teammates and is seen as kind to blood fiends and the chainsaw devil. Aki also gets along with the future devil, giving him the power to see the futuristic moves. He is highly determined, the gun devil, and is not afraid to do that at any length.

8. Giyu Tomioka (Demon Slayer Series)

The popularity of Giyu is insane among fans for various reasons. One of them is the kindness and mercy he shows at the beginning of the episode by directing Tanjiro and giving him hope that his transformed sister can be saved. He is dashing, others find him bit weird, and in the Hashira arc, we learn about the thoughts of other Hashira towards him. His style, unique and likable by the audience, comprises a unique colored upper and a dashing ponytail.

9. Edward Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Fullmetal Alchemist is something worth watching, which comprises a mix of different emotions and themes as the two brothers continue their journey to get hold of the philosopher's stone as the last ray of hope.

10. Shikamaru Nara (Naruto)

Naruto is loved globally by the anime audience for its distinct characters, themes, emotions, and plots. One such unique character is Shikamaru from Nara Clan, who styles his hair by wearing a ponytail that is quite likable.