Article: Top 10 Korean Drama And Movies Of Jung Hae In

Jung Hae In has distinguished himself as a charismatic and versatile actor in the vibrant Korean entertainment world, leaving a lasting impression on fans worldwide. Hae In's career trajectory in the industry has been nothing short of spectacular, ranging from tender romances to gripping thrillers. Let's explore the top ten revelations that provide context for this outstanding actor's varied career.

1. D.P.

The "undesirable nature of the military" in South Korea is clear in this six-episode Netflix series set in 2014. D.P., short for "Deserter Pursuit," stars Jung Hae-In as Private Ahn Joon-ho and Corporal Han Ho-yul (played by Koo Kyo-Hwan), a team whose task is to find military deserters and lead them on an action-packed, adventurous journey. Bullying, hazing, and the idea of the fittest prevailing were all depicted in the series as terrible realities found in military camps.

2. Something In The Rain

In this drama, a couple's relationship is the focus as they deal with their age difference—which is frowned upon in some communities—while gradually falling in love. A 30-year-old manager of a coffee business named Jin-ah (Son Ye-jin). Despite being a laid-back individual, she leads a relatively meaningless life. She unexpectedly falls in love with Joon-hee, the younger brother of her best friend, after her boyfriend dumps her. The program takes us a closer look at a variety of topics, but it mostly focuses on women's lives in South Korea and throughout the globe in terms of their employment, relationships, and sense of worth. It has many gender-neutral themes and is romantic, funny, tragic, and dramatic.

3. One Spring Night

The protagonist of this drama is a librarian named Lee Jeong-in (Han Ji-min), who recently terminated a four-year engagement with a banker named Kwon Gi-seok (Kim Jun-han). She meets Yoo Ji-ho, a pharmacist and single father played by Jung Hae-in, who struggles with the stigma of being a single parent. He graduated from the same college that she did. Ji-ho must contend with this social stigma from nearly everyone, except Lee Jeong-in, including his parents and friends. Ji-ho and Jeong-in must make difficult decisions since they face a challenging path.

4. A Piece Of Your Mind

In the film, A Piece of Your Mind, Moon Ha Won (Jung Hae In) and Han Seo Woo (Chae Soo Bin) are unintentionally brought together by Kim Ji Soo (Park Joo Hyun), Ha Won's ex-girlfriend. They eventually became infatuated with one another after finding peace in one another. In-depth explorations of the themes of love and loss, solitude and community, and the complex process of coping with it all are all featured in the drama. View this fascinating story of unrequited love, coping with loss and suffering, compassion, healing, forgiveness, and moving on if you have the time.

5. Snowdrop

One of the most eagerly awaited and contentious K-dramas of 2021 was Snowdrop. Snowdrop is a love story between a North Korean spy (Jung Hae-in as Im Soo-ho) and a college student (BLACKPINK's Jisoo as Eun Young-ro). It is set against the background of 1987 when many protesting students were mistakenly labeled as North Korean spies and brutally put down through imprisonment and torture. Do watch this heartbreaking love story to find out how it progresses.

6. While You Were Sleeping

In this, Jung Hae In plays the role of Han Woo Tak. The tale revolves around Nam Hong Ju, who lives with her widowed mother, who owns a small restaurant and has the gift of prophecy. Despite her gift, she frequently feels unable to influence the results. On the opposite side of the street, they move in next to rookie prosecutor Jung Jae Chan and his younger brother Seung Won. Jae Chan discovers their futures are interconnected after having an odd dream involving Hong Ju, the vicious lawyer Lee Yu Beom, and a life-saving intervention. They then start sharing dreams and interacting in enigmatic ways.

7. The Three Musketeers

The three-arc historical action-romance drama centers on Crown Prince So Hyeon, his two bodyguards, Heo Seung Po and An Min Seo, as well as Park Dal Hyang, a yangban turned warrior who, despite coming from a low-income family, has everything going for him, including personality and looks. The Crown Princess Yoon Seo and Crown Prince So Hyeon are engaged in a love triangle with Dal Hyang. Prince So Hyeon's first love, Jo Mi Ryeong, subsequently turned against the prince and resolved to exact retribution.

8. Tune In For Love

On the same day Yoo Yeol started broadcasting the well-known radio program "Music Album" in 1994, college student Mi Soo meets Hyun Woo, who just so happens to stop by the bakery she works at. Up until the harsh truth drives them apart, the program brings them together through ebbs and flows of circumstances brought on by pure accident and necessity. They slowly come into rhythm with one another, similar to the music flowing from the radio. Two people met in 1997 while swapping stories on a radio program during the IMF crisis. They fall in love, but the timing never seems right.

9. Start-Up

Taek Il carelessly departs from home, disobeying his mother's request that he attend college. He lands a job as a delivery guy for a Chinese restaurant in the strange area, where he meets new people, including chef Geo Seok and boxer Kyung Ju. In the meantime, Taek Il's friend Sang Pil started a private loan company to gain money. Making a large fortune appears simple, but he quickly experiences suffering as he deals with unanticipated circumstances. As they encounter a world that doesn't go their way, two boys going through a turbulent time are developing into actual adults.

10. Connect

A piece of art that tells the fascinating tale of a man who had a part of his body stolen by organ harvesters and who afterward 'connected' with someone who had received an organ transplant. Ha Dong Soo, a member of the link race—a new category of person with an immortal body—was kidnapped by a group of human organ traffickers. Soon after, he notices something and understands the man who has his eye is a serial killer. Now that Ha Dong Soo can see what the serial killer sees. To stop the killer from killing more people, he pursues him.