Article: Top 10 Korean Drama And Movies Of Bae Hyun Sung

Bae Hyun Sung has established himself as a young and skilled actor in the vibrant Korean entertainment world, capturing viewers' attention with his riveting performances. Hyun Sung's career trajectory has been impressive, starting with his notable debut and continuing his current endeavors. Join me as we explore the top 10 moments that shed light on the development of this aspiring actor's career.

1. Our Blues

"Our Blues" is an omnibus-style drama that chronicles the stories of a variety of persons who are, in some way or another, slightly connected. Bae Hyun Sung portrays Jung Hyun, a teenage girl who is in love with Bang Young Joo, in this. A Jeju native named Lee Dong Suk makes a career by operating a truck and reselling goods that have been shipped in from the mainland.  He meets Min Sun Ah, a young woman from Jeju who has fled a murky past. Lee Young Ok is a diver with a happy and outgoing demeanor who falls in love with Park Jung Joon, a ship captain. A fish store owner named Jung Eun Hee meets up with her ex-boyfriend Choi Han Soo. When he returns after learning that city life is not for him, they cross paths on Jeju Island.

2. Gaus Electronics

Stress is nothing new for the members of Marketing Team 3 at the home appliance section of the Gaus Electronics headquarters. Even if the company is enormous and worldwide, most employees long to leave this group because conflict is always there! Ten members make up the team. One of them is Lee Sang Sik, a happy individual who regularly incorrectly reads the feelings of his staff and causes trouble as a result. Also present is Cha Na Rae, the sour assistant manager! One of their numbers is Baek Ma Tan, a direct descendent of Power Group, the most severe foe of Gaus Electronics.

3. Dear. M

The entire school is excited as a strange person known only as "M" appears. Ma Joo Ah, a second-year student in the business administration program, is very interested in discovering who "M" is. She isn't interested in pursuing her goals or getting into a relationship, but she is very motivated to solve the school's current mystery. Standing next to her is Joo A's oldest friend, Cha Min Ho, a second-year computer science student. The four are devoted to solving this riddle and figuring out who "M" really is, together with business administration major Park Ha Neul and economics significant Seo Ji Min.

4. Hospital Playlist

In this, Bae Hyun Sung plays the role of Jang Hong Do. At the hospital, described as the mirror of life because it is where people are born and die, the stories of people going about their days are seemingly commonplace but very special. The five doctors first met while they were undergraduate medical students and have been good friends for 20 years. They are now coworkers in the same hospital and are band members.

5. Extraordinary You

Eun Dan Oh, a 17-year-old high school girl from an affluent family, has a chronic cardiac ailment that will probably cause her to die before adulthood. Dan Oh, however, comes to the unsettling revelation that she is a character in a Korean webtoon and that all of her actions have been predetermined by the artist who draws her. This realization occurs when she notices she is also having trouble remembering things for long periods. Even worse, she learns that the cast only includes her as a supporting figure. Bae Hyun Sung portrayed the role of Baek Joon Hyun in the drama.

6. The Divine Fury

In this, Bae Hyun Sung portrayed the role of Hyun Sung. The tale revolves around Yong Hoo, a little boy who, by an accident, claimed the life of his father. He has mistrusted and disliked people ever since. He is now a martial arts champion. He meets the exorcist Priest An. They become entangled in a case and have to take on an imposing opponent.

7. Love Playlist Season 3

In this, Bae Hyun Sung plays the role of Park Ha Neul. This third season features more love, breakups, difficulties, and stronger-than-ever friendships. New characters and a new point of view are introduced to us in this season.

8. Miraculous Brothers

When Dong Joo, a driven young man with only debts, meets Kang San, a mystery story of loving friendship and humanity begins. Yook Dong Joo is an aspiring novelist with a lofty goal of becoming a best-selling author. When a mysterious boy named Kang San enters his life, a discordant brotherhood starts. Even though Kang San suffers from amnesia and cannot recall his name, he is gifted with the ability to read people's hearts.

9. Ending Again

Cha In Young may not be enjoying the dream life while working as a marketing intern at the Levan Art Museum, but she is undoubtedly on the path to achieving her long-term goals. That is what she believed, at least, until Yoo Chan Hee, her longtime lover of eight years, abruptly informed her that he was leaving the country to pursue his own goals before breaking up with her. Im Young, now single, has decided to give up dating and marriage to give all of her attention to her work. But when they both realize they need money, he decides to "marry" In Young to qualify for the government assistance provided to newlyweds.   

10. What's Wrong With Secretary Kim

The arrogant Lee Young Joon, the vice president of a business owned by his family, is the focus of the television show. He is rarely aware of those around him since he is so self-centered and egotistical. Kim Mi So, Lee Young Joon's talented and understanding secretary, has stood by his side and worked hard for nine years without engaging in personal relationships. Funny miscommunications occur when Mi So decides to quit work since she now wants to arrange her life and focus on herself. Bae Hyun Sung played the role of Bae Yun Sung [Intern].