Article: Top 10 Korean Actors Who Accurately Portray Characters From Webtoons

Korean dramas based on webtoons are becoming more popular, but not all series will be successful because finding actors who resemble webtoon characters is difficult. Here is a list of the Top 10 Webtoon-Based Korean Dramas that look similar as if they walked out of the webtoon.

1. True Beauty - Cha Eun-Woo

Because of his appearance, netizens quickly thought of Cha Eun Woo as the character Lee Su Ho when the webtoon True Beauty was announced to be adapted into a drama. Following that, Cha Eun was cast as the male protagonist alongside Moon Ga Young, leading in True Beauty, which created quite a sensation in the eye of the public.

2. Nevertheless - Song Kang

Song Kang portrayed Park Jae Uhn. He is handsome & attractive, but he is a somewhat toxic boyfriend. Therefore many have conflicting opinions about him. Song Kang's innocent and refreshing personality, along with Park Jae Uhn's, adds to the character's popularity.

3. Extraordinary You - Rowoon

Extraordinary You is the drama that made the name of actor Rowoon, who debuted as a K-pop idol. Playing the male lead Haru, Rowoon perfectly acted as if he were Haru coming out of the webtoon.

4. W(Two Worlds)  - Lee Jong Suk

One of the most popular dramas of 2016, starring Lee Jong Suk and Han Hyo Joo. The main feature of this drama is the character Kang Chul played by Lee Jong Suk, a handsome chaebol who comes out of a comic book. Kang Chul then enters the real world of Oh Yeon Joo (Han Hyo Joo) and turns him upside down.

5. Itaewon Class - Park Seo-Joon

Park Sae Royi (Park Seo Joon) in Itaewon Class needs to be on this list. When the drama aired, his signature hairstyle became a trend among male fans.

6. Cheese In The Trap - Park Hae-Jin

Cheese in the Trap got adapted from the webtoon of the same name. Now has a TV version and a movie version, both starring actor Park Hae Jin. Highly appreciated for his acting talent, Park Hae Jin fully conveyed the image of Yoo Jung, a famous and mysterious university sunbaenim.

7. The Tale Of Nokdu - Jang Dong Yoon

Jang Dong Yoon has an excellent performance in The Tale Of Nokdu, adapted from the manga by author Hye Jin Yang. The Tale Of Nokdu became famous with its romantic, humorous plot and excellent performance by Jang Dong Yoon and the cast.

8. My Roommate Is Gumiho - Jang Ki-Yong

Jang Ki Yong as 999-year-old nine-tailed fox Shin Woo Yeo in My Roommate Is A Gumiho. His face and aura are both similar to the webtoon character.

9. Yumi Cells - Ahn Bo Hyun

Many viewers hardly recognize Ahn Bo Hyun when he transforms into Gu Woong. The precision proves how dedicated he is to the role.

10. Backstreet Rookie - Ji Chang Wook

Ji Chang Wook from Backstreet Rookie is as cute as Choi Dae Hyun from the webtoon. His character, Choi Dae Hyun, is an ordinary man with a single profession who always dresses casually. He wears the blue plaid shirt that is the convenience store uniform.