Article: Top 10 Japanese Food Review Shows

The classic cuisine of Japan, also known as washoku, is established on rice with miso soup, and in different dishes, there is an emphasis on seasonal ingredients. To convey this culture of various food, japan also has numerous food shows.

1. Wakakozake

The story is about 26 years old office employee called Wakako. who finishes work and likes to go someplace and have a bite to eat and some drinks by herself. The story is Adapted from the manga series "Wakakozake." A routine episode of Wakakozake breaks follows the exact structure of "character loops to the real-world restaurant, banquets, enjoys, food.

2. Ms Koizumi Loves Ramen Noodles 

The show is about a youthful lady who loves ramen. Akari Hayami plays the role. Some high school drama is sprinkled here and there in the front, but it still reaches back to ramen in the end. The show is four-episode live-action series and also has a long-running anime.

3. The Birth Of Sake

This fascinating documentary is about an infrequent look inside life as a sake brewery employee, conveyed through a season at Tedorigawa, a 144-year-old sake brewery in the Ishikawa region. They are directed by Erik Shirai – once a cinematographer on 'No Reservations. It forms this movie poetic to oversee.

4. Jiro Dreams Of Sushi

JIRO DREAMS OF SUSHI is the tale of 85-year-old Jiro Ono, who opened the 10-seater restaurant in 1965, the foremost sushi diner in the globe, to acquire three Michelin stars by numerous to become the world's most renowned sushi chef. David Gelb directed it in 2012.

5. Solitary Gourmet

The Solitary Gourmet is around a gentleman who eats independently. The show follows the life of Gorō Inogashira, a middle-aged dinnerware whose individual episode contains some temporary relations with the world near him. The series is established on the manga of the exact name of Masayuki Qusumi, who, too, made Samurai Gourmet and Sunshine Sento-Sake.

6. Midnight Diner

"Midnight Diner" is a Japanese TV show about a little cafe in an active region of Tokyo that's just available while most individuals are asleep. Every episode features a different dish and acting revolving near one client from Meshiya's motley clientele, which has salarymen, prostitutes, and yakuza gangsters. It has had five seasons and hopes to announce season six soon.

7. Kodoku No Gurume

Kodoku no Gurume, aka Solitary Gourmet, is about a traveling businessman who always finds a good place to eat wherever he happens to be to satisfy his hunger. Individually chapter features a distinct location and dish. The Japanese cuisine manga series was composed by Masayuki Qusumi and presented by Jiro Taniguchi. Further adapted into a Japanese television drama series.

8. Hana No Zubora Meshi

The story is about the everyday life of a 30-year-old new wife, Hana, who boils "Zubora Meshi" while her husband is on an employment transfer out from residence. "Zubora-Meshi" is the corner-cutting and comfortable cooking people usually cook exclusively for themselves to eat. Hana's Sloppy Meals is established on another manga by The Solitary Gourmet's Masayuki Qusumi.

9. Samurai Gourmet

Samurai Gourmet is the saga of a 60-year-old Japanese man, recently retired, and even deducing out what to do. He discovers the joy of digging food haunts in his vicinity, attended by a traveling samurai who lives just in his vision. Every episode has grown the fun of his food, too encouraged by his make-believe idol.

10. Kantaro: The Sweet Tooth Salaryman

The series was produced in 2017 and was directed by Kentarô Moriya, An honored publishing deals agent who covers up his customer visits in the record so he can privately follow his quest to satisfy with the most delicious of sweets. The story was Adapted from the manga "Saboriman Ametani Kantarou" by Tensei Hagiwara and Abidi Inoue.