Article: Top 10 Feel-Good Chinese Dramas

Sometimes, audiences tend to look out for the cliched and feel-good romance dramas which help them escape from the monotonous chaos of life. Chinese dramas are known to depict healthy and mature relationships while dealing with the struggles of life. These dramas, when combined with a feel-good and lighthearted touch, give the audience a stress-free and binge-worthy experience. So, let's sail through some of the top 10 Feel Good Chinese dramas:

1. You Are My Glory

This feel-good and adorable romance drama revolved around Qiao Jingjing, a renowned and beautiful actress, and her high school crush/classmate, Yu Tu, an aerospace engineer. Qiao Jingjing and Yu Tu reunited through an online game, which Qiao Jingjing would play to save her endorsement deal. Eventually, due to a gaming competition and the sudden course of events, Qiao Jingjing and Yu Tu found each other and fell in love, Their love story was a feel-good and lighthearted romance with a touch of drama, making it one of the most popular dramas amongst audiences worldwide.

2. Love O2O

This popular romance drama revolved around Bei Wei Wei, a computer science major who aspired to become an online game developer, and her new online husband, Zhenshui Wuxiang, who also turned out to be in the same school as hers, in reality. This drama portrayed an adorable love story whose seeds were sowed in an online game but blossom into a mature and healthy relationship in reality. This drama became one of the highly acclaimed dramas of 2016 and continues to attract the attention of audiences worldwide.

3. A Love So Beautiful

This drama followed the story of Chen Xiaoxi, a cheerful girl with an interest in art, who had a crush on Jiang Chen, the academically popular and handsome boy of the school, who was also her neighbor. Their relationship spanned 19 years while growing and facing the realistic struggles of life, along with their friends. They had an adorable love story that had its rough patches but highlighted the importance of trust and patience in a relationship. This drama had a mix of romance, comedy, and drama, which makes it a great weekend watch!

4. My Amazing Boyfriend

This novel adaption revolved around an alien, Xue Ling Qiao, who has been asleep for a century and was suddenly awakened by Tian Jing, a struggling and unlucky actress, in an accident. The story later coursed to Tian Jing being forced to live with Xue Ling, whom she despised to the core. Eventually, they discovered an age-old cosmic secret that had put Xue Ling Qiao to sleep, and they gradually fell in love with each other. This drama had a great lighthearted touch of comedy and romance in the fantasy genre, which made this drama binge-worthy.

5. Accidentally In Love

This 2018 drama followed the story of Chen Qing Qing, an heiress of a wealthy company, who ran away from her arranged wedding and enrolled in the same college as her deceased parents, to know more about them, in a disguised identity. Over there, she met her deskmate, Si Tu Feng, a renowned singer, who was compelled to join the college and with whom she had a desperate kissing incident. Eventually, they clear the misunderstandings between them and help each other find answers to the problems in their respective lives. This drama portrayed a beautiful and mature relationship that was not chaotic, but rather a lighthearted romance between two individuals.

6. My Unicorn Girl

This drama followed the story of Sang Tian, a passionate figure skater who aspired to join her mother’s figure skating team on her 18th birthday, however, she failed her exam. With no other alternatives left, she disguised herself as a man and joined the men’s hockey team, where she met Wen Bing, a man with whom she ended up on bad terms in the past. Eventually, they formed the best duo on the team and gradually developed feelings for each other. This drama had a beautiful mix of comedy, drama, romance, and team spirit which gained the attention of audiences worldwide.

7. Boss & Me

This romantic comedy revolved around Xue Shanshan, a young working woman with a rare blood type who was fond of eating, and her boss, Feng Teng whose sister, had the same blood type as Shan Shan and was in desperate need of a blood transfusion. So, he asked for Shan Shan’s help, after which he decided to pay her back with an everyday meal. Eventually, with every meal, they started to learn and understand more about each other and developed a beautiful, feel-good relationship. This drama was a delight to watch because of its amazing star cast as well as the storyline that it depicted.

8. Well-Intended Love

This heartfelt romance drama revolved around Xia Lin, a renowned actress who suffered from third-stage leukemia, and Ling Yi Zhou, a young CEO who was a perfect match for her bone marrow transplant. Their relationship blossomed when he asked her to enter into a contract marriage in exchange for his bone marrow. Together, they journeyed through the difficulties in their lives and found love amidst their bickering chaos. This drama was a beautiful and heartfelt depiction of cancer patients, keeping the audience engaged until the end.

9. Le Coup De Foudre

This novel adaptation revolved around two classmates and childhood lovers with opposite personalities, Zhao Qiao Yi and Yan Mo, who vowed to study and build their life together abroad, in the future. However, their relationship took a waiver turn when an emergency took place in Qiao Yi’s family, which compelled her to back out of her promise, thus, losing her contact with Yan Mo. Eventually, they met each other again, at their school reunion, however, Yan Mo was already in a relationship this time. Gradually, they found each other again and rekindled their childhood romance. This drama was a warm and realistic perspective to love at first sight, which made this drama binge-worthy!

10. Go Ahead

A central focus on family and friendships, this 2020 drama revolved around three kids, Li Jian Jian, Ling Xiao, and He Ziqiu who were raised like siblings by a widower and a noodle restaurant owner, Li Hai Chao. However, the story later revealed the three of them drifted apart for 9 years, due to a sudden course of events in their respective families. Eventually, as adults, they reunited after clearing the awkward air of time and portrayed a budding relationship between Ling Xiao and Li Jian Jian. This drama was feel-good in every sense, right from the friendship between the three characters to the love triangles depicted in the drama, making this drama worth a watch!