Article: Top 10 Musical Anime

Here are the top 10 Musical Anime that will have you sing and dance along. From dazzling performances to heartfelt melodies, these anime series showcase the power of music in captivating and unexpected ways.

1. Nana

It is the story of two women, both named Nana, who, with different goals, leave their hometowns and start living in Tokyo. Nana Komatsu's dream was to find true love, while Nana Osaki aims to become a successful musician. They meet by chance and become roommates. Together, they support each other through challenges.

2. Beck 

The anime is about a 14-year-old boy named Koyuki. Once, he saved a dog and met his owner, Ray, who is a guitarist. Inspired by Ray, Koyuki decided to learn guitar. Along with Ray's sister Maho and other members, they form the band BECK and embark on the journey of rock music.

3. K-On!

Yui Hirasawa, a high school student, joins the music club thinking it would be easy for her. But soon she realizes she can't play any instrument. So she decides to quit but due to lacking members, everyone tries to make Yui stay. They play a piece that ignites Yui's passion and she decides to join. From then on, they have fun practicing together and make their time delightful.

4. Sound! Euphonium

Kumiko Oumae joins schools band club and play Euphonium. However, the band was not good enough to compete in local festivals. Their band's advisor gives them the choice to have fun or work hard for nationals. She discovers her old bandmate, Reina Kousaka, is also in the club. With strict training, Kumiko and her bandmates must overcome their challenges and aim for success together.

5. Your Lie In April

Kousei Arima, a gifted pianist, is left deaf to the sound of the piano after his mother's death. Kousei's life takes a turn when he meets Kaori Miyazono, a vibrant violinist, who brings color back into his life. They become close as Kaori helps him rediscover his passion for music.


Tsumugi Takanashi was unexpectedly appointed as the manager of her father's agency's new male idol group. Despite being told to remove four members, Tsumugi Takanashi rejects the idea and creates IDOLiSH7 instead. They unite and prepare to face the challenges of the idol industry together.

7. Kono Oto Tomare!: Sounds of Life

Chika, a troublemaking grandson, joins the Tokise High School Koto Club to connect with his late grandfather's teachings. Despite the club's need for more members, the president of the club is reluctant to let Chika join because of his negative reputation. However, Chika's dedication and resolve to make a lasting impact on the president led him to reconsider and extend an invitation for Chika to join the club. Together with a koto prodigy and three friends, they aim to compete at the national level. "Kono Oto Tomare!" follows their journey as a cheerful group of musicians.

8. Sekkou Boys

Miki Ishimoto on her first day at Holbein Entertainment Co. unexpectedly becomes manager of a unique male idol group, made up of Greco-Roman statues called the Sekkou Boys. Regardless of their unconventional composition, Miki is determined to guide them to success in the idol world.

9. Given

Mafuyu Satou, a high school student, crosses paths with Ritsuka Uenoyama, who assists him in repairing his damaged guitar. Uenoyama was Impressed by Satou's voice and invited him to become the lead singer of his band. Despite his initial hesitation, Satou accepts the offer and, with the support of his new friends, embarks on a journey to learn the guitar and uncover the story behind it.

10. Anonymous Noise

Nino, a girl who wears a mask, sings by the beach every day. She made a heartfelt promise to her dear friends from childhood, Momo and Yuzu, that her singing would bring them back together. After six years, they end up in the same high school but face challenges in their relationships.