Article: Top 10 Chinese Actresses Who Rocked The School Uniform Look

Many television dramas will include sequences set on college campuses depicting irrational love in high school or college. Many Chinese dramas have also included actors dressed in school uniforms, either in youth dramas or witnessed in flashbacks. It seems that Chinese celebrities never age as they grow older, and they have youthful looks. As a result, they do not appear out of place when wearing school uniforms. Re-wearing school uniforms by actresses have become a trend. So, below are the top 10 Chinese actresses wearing school uniforms.

1. Zhou Dongyu

Many moments from the student period appear in the two award-winning movies, Three Golden Shadows. Zhou Dongyu played the student with a single eyelid and a petite physique, which is nevertheless quite compelling and does not disrupt the balance in any way. Just like in every school, she only ties a ponytail and wears school uniforms, facing the sky, looking grounded, like all students.


2. Liu Shishi

Liu Shishi's gentle and quiet demeanour has always won her favour. The TV series That Year of Youth We Happen, which moved her heart, brought her into the role of a bashful, timid campus goddess.


3. Li Landi

In Hello, Old-Time, Li Landi's school uniform is particularly striking. Her delicate features, along with a hint of baby fat on her round face, give her a pure, innocent, youthful, and pleasant appearance. I feel that everyone will like such a girl when she is learning.


4. Li Qin

Li Qin wears a school uniform in the film, To Youth, So You Are Still Here. She portrays Meng Xue, the campus goddess. A white T-shirt, a grey sweater vest, a blue jacket, and a blue checkered bow tie complete her ensemble. She has long, flowing hair, a brilliant grin, a wonderful character, and a vibrant, youthful demeanour. In the student days, a shining star of outstanding character and learning.


5. Zheng Shuang

In Arise to Watch the Meteor Shower, Zheng Shuang portrayed Chu Yuxun. She's dressed in a college-style uniform and has a collagen-filled face; she's adorable, elegant, and vibrant, and she exudes a female vibe. She then starred in the youth drama Summer Solstice as Xia Zhi. The school uniform that Shuang was wearing consisted of a white shirt, a beige vest, and a bow tie at the neck.She was young and lovely.


6. Zhang Xueying

Zhang Xueying dressed in a blue-grey school uniform with a blue bow tie at the collar in Fifteen Years Waiting for Migratory Birds. She has bright eyes and a charming smile. She exudes vigour and is truly stunning.


7. Tan Songyun

Tan Songyun is a well-known princess in the circle who resembles a youngster. As a result of her collagen-rich face, she looks very feminine. She appeared to have no sense of noncompliance after putting on her school uniform in The Best of Us and In the Name of Family. With such a quirky and lovely smile, who wouldn't want to hang out with her?


8. Zhang Jingyi

Zhang Jingyi is everyone's lady's style. Zhang Jingyi wears a school uniform in The Sky of the Wind Dog. She is full of freshness and has the aristocratic bearing of a wealthy lady, gentle but not squeamish, and charming.


9. Michelle Chen

In the movie,The Girl We Chased in Those Years, Chen Yanxi portrayed Shen Jiayi. She has a lovely look and good academics. She's a girl we've all met on campus and are interested in dating.


10. Song Zuer

In her school outfit, Song Zuer looks charming and adorable. She is exceptionally suited and seems full of vitality, whether she is wearing the school uniform from the MV Best Summer made with Xiao Zhan, the style of Qi Liuhai, or the blue and white sportswear from the variety program Mengtan Tantan.