Article: Top 10 Chinese Actresses Who Are Single As In 2022

There are a lot of prominent single females in the Chinese entertainment industry. People have a terrible propensity to believe that if you're unmarried and a woman, you're unhappy—especially if you're over 30. However, many women have learned that, while affinities may be fantastic, wedding and monogamy aren't necessarily what they seem and that they're happier and more content when they're on their own. Below are the top 10 single Chinese actresses in 2022.

1. Stephanie Hsiao

The Taiwanese actress Xiao Qiang, better known as Stephanie Hsiao, also known as Taiwan's No. 1 Beauty, was born in 1968.Some people believe she is a beautiful woman who does not age. There were no affairs discovered, either. Love Without Complaint was her debut television appearance, and she went on to become a national sensation. Surprisingly, she turned 53 last year and still has the same physique as when she was younger, with no signs of cellulite. It is just incredible.


2. Li Bingbing

One of the most well-known actresses in China is Li Bingbing. She is well known for her roles in Transformers: Age of Extinction (2014) and Resident Evil: Retribution (2012) in Hollywood films. Bingbing is unmarried. Nor is Bingbing in a relationship with anyone. In the past, she was engaged to Li Chen. He is an actor. For over four years, the pair dated. In September 2017, they were engaged. And, then they chose to break their affair after two years of engagement. She was previously married to Hsu Wen Nan before meeting Li Chen. Hsu Wen Nan is a banker who works at the executive level. Their relationship was never confirmed, however. She is still single at age 48 but has no regrets over his lack of emotional involvement.

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3. Zhao Liying

Zanilia Zhao is a Chinese actress, also known as Zhao Li Ying. Her portrayal as Qing'er in the costume drama New My Fair Princess made her famous in 2011. A costume drama titled Legend of Lu Zhen shot her popularity even higher in 2013. Feng Shao Feng, an actor, married Zhao in October 2018. In March 2019, their baby son was born. Zhao and Feng announced their peaceful separation in April 2021, stating that they will share parenting duties with their son. So, the 34-year-old actress is single.


4. Liang Jie

Liang Jie became a household name after her appearance in The Eternal Love. Purba Rgyal, a Tibetan actor a fellow actor, started dating in 2017, and in 2018 Rgyal proposed Jie. They did, however, announce their amicable separation on May 18th, 2021. As a result, the actress, who is 27 years old, is now single.


5. Barbie Hsu

A 45 years of age Barbie Hsu is an actress, singer, and television personality from Taiwan. In 2010, she married.Wang Xiaofei, a businessman, is her spouse, and they have two children. Hsu and Wang formally declared their divorce on November 22nd, 2021. The way she ages is such that you don't know how old she is. She is now in her forties and unmarried.


6. Fan Bingbing

The most well-known Chinese actress is Fan Bingbing. She is famed for her attractiveness, and she has one of the most stunning faces in the world. Li Chen, a Chinese actor, director, and Fan Bingbing, revealed their relationship on social media in May 2015. Fan and Chen got engaged in September of 2017. Then, on June 27th, 2019, the couple confirmed their split. And the actress, who is now 40 years old, is still unmarried.


7. Tong Liya

Tong Liya is a Xibe ethnic Chinese actress. Tong and Chen Sicheng, a Chinesescreenwriter, director, and actor, first met in 2011 and married in 2014. They had one child. On May 20th, 2021, Tong and Chen confirmed their divorce. Tong Liya is now single.


8. Selina Jen

Selina Jen Chia-hsüan is a Taiwanese actress, singer, and television personality. She got married to attorney Richard Chang on October 31st, 2011. On April 27th, the couple finalized their divorce. Selina is now 40-year-old and still unmarried.


9. Janice Wu

Janice Wu is a Chinese actress who has been in several dramas. A confirmation was made in 2021 that she and her Le Coup de Foudre co-star Zhang Yujian are married and have a daughter. However, they divorced in 2022. Janice Wu, also known as Wu Qian, is currently single.


10. Angelababy

Known professionally as Angelababy, Angela Yeung Wing is a Hong Kong actress, model, and singer. In 2015, Angelababy married actor, singer, and model Huang Xiaoming. January 2017 marked their first child's arrival. Huang and Angelababy officially divorced on January 28th, 2022. She is still one of China's most gorgeous actors, even though she is 32 years old. This stunning woman is currently single.