Article: Top 10 Korean Stars Who Can Fluently Speak Other Languages

How many of you are fans of Korean movies and Korean dramas? How many did you strengthen Korean to understand your favorite star? We always desire how good it would be if our favorite stars can speak the language that we understand. But did you know the fact that some of your precious Korean Stars speak more than one language? Yes, You are reading right. Korean might be the mother tough of these stars and It's unusual to hear them speak in different languages though, but some people can speak two or more languages. Here we go 10 Korean Stars who can fluently speak other languages.

1. Lee Byung Hun 

We can confidently say that Lee Byung Hun is one of the biggest International actors of South Korea. He has been showcasing his English skills in several Hollywood films. He gave excellent foreign language skills like a native English speaker. Apart from speaking English, he's also pretty fluent in French as he graduated from university with a degree in it.


2. Bae Doona 

Bae Doona had made a big deal in Hollywood with her performances in the series "Sense8", and movies like "Cloud Atlas", "Jupiter Ascending". With all her experiences in Hollywood, she was able to acquire the English Language. And she is pretty good at it. She didn’t attend classes actively but taught herself English through her roles in those English movies.


3. Yoo Teo 

Yoo Teo has been praised globally for his meticulous acting in the Russian film "Summer". And it has been confirmed that he would be starring in the upcoming Hollywood film "Past Lives". Too Teo was born in Germany and after high school graduation, he went to U.S and England. So his ability to speak German and English is pretty reasonable.


4. Ryu Jun Yeol

The handsome smart athletic guy Kim Jung Hwan of "Reply 1988" Ryu Jun Yeol is pretty known for this role. In 2016 Jun Yeol has been awestruck viewers with his wonderful English speaking skills on the variety show "Youth Over Flowers: Africa. Ryu Jun Yeol who enjoys travelling throughout the broadcast he surprised everyone with his smoothly speaking English skills.


5. Gong Yoo 

Who doesn't watch " Guardian: The Lonely and Great God ", and who doesn't know the handsome Goblin! Gong Yoo who is one of the famous Korean actors, do you know the fact that he has a pretty decent American English Accent. Though he never studied in a foreign country and was self-taught with proper diction and pronunciation. Isn't he amazed?


6. Kang Dong Won 

The award-winning South Korean actor Kang Dong Won impressed the press with his fluency in the English language; when he was in Singapore. He revealed to Straits Times, that he is learning English for the past five years. Because he wanted to wander around the world. And he wanted to communicate with others without the help of some translators.


7. Kim Go Eun 

Actress Kim Go Eun Mandarin speaking skill is pretty much good like a native speaker. She amazed her fans when she presented the 7th Asian Film Awards and spoke Mandarin like a native speaker. While living in China for over ten years with family when she was younger she strengthened her Chinese speaking skills very fluently like a native speaker.


8. Choi Woo Shik 

The Oscar-winning movie "Parasite" made Choi Woo Shik enhance more popularity for his acting. Besides his acting do you know that how good his English is? From 6th grade, until he become 21 years old he was in Canada. He also disclosed his English speaking was more satisfactory in his High School,  but now is more comfortable speaking Korean.


9. Cha In Pyo 

The veteran Korean actor Cha In Pyo graduated from Rutgers University in the U.S with a degree in economics. So there is no doubt that his English speaking skill would be amazing and also because of his several roles in his acting career. He currently lives in L. A with his wife the actress Shin Ae Ra, and their children.


10. Moon Ga Young 

The "True Beauty" actress Moon Ga Young started her acting career as a child artist in 2006. But do you know that one of her first languages is German? She was born in Karlsruhe, Germany. She only shifted back to South Korea at the age of ten with her family. But she still vigorously speak German in her daily life.