Article: Top Ten Two Hero Korean Films

Korean Movies are gradually becoming the favorite of movie watchers now for their unparalleled action and unpredictable and highly complex but at times simple, funny, and honest plots. For those of us, Suffering from Second Lead Syndrome here, this is a list for you. These are the top ten movies with two male leads which will be refreshing for those who are suffering from heartbreak because the male lead got the girl. This list showcases the chemistry between two male leads who can quickly drive any plot with ease. So let's take a bowl of popcorn and get ready to binge-watch.

1. Eclipse 

The Story revolves around Yoon-Jae (Kim Shi-Hoo) and Se-Joon(Choi Tae-Hoon). The former is a transfer student, and he soon starts hanging out with the mysterious Se-Joon. The two slowly enter a world of thrilling mystery with a world of crime as they become entangled in a case involving their Junior, Eun-Young(Mun Ka-Young). The movie shows how, through something that looks pretty normal to us we can end up reaching close to someone else's hell.


2. Shoot Me In The Heart

The movie is about two patients in a psychiatric hospital - Soo-Myung(Yeo Jin-Goo) and Seung-Min (Lee Min-Ki). The former comes across Seung-Min, who wasn't a psychiatric patient like him. Unlike Soo-Myung, who was suffering from schizophrenia because he could not save his mother, who had committed suicide, Seung-Min was forcefully admitted into the hospital because of his wealthy inheritance. Seung-Min, therefore starts devising ways to escape the hospital, and Soo-Myung decides to follow him.


3. Forgotten

The movie is based on the brothers, Jin-Seok(Kang Ha-Neul) and  Yoo-Seok(Kim Moo-Yul). One morning  Jin-Seok witnesses his older brother being captured by a group of men and thrown into a van. A few days after his untraceable disappearance, he returns home, but he has forgotten everything from the morning of his disappearance. Jin-Seok saw some slight alterations in Yoo-Seok's behavior because of which he believed that someone was impersonating his brother. Some strange noises also start coming from the room where the previous homeowner's belongings were being kept.


4. Midnight Runners

Two students of the Korean National  Police Academy, Ki-Joon(Park Seo-Joon), and Kee-Yeol(Kang Ha-Neul) met at the Academy and soon became best friends. The duo comes across a kidnapping one night while returning from the club; though still cadets, they decide to track the girl down, which leads them to an egg harvesting gang that had dozens of girls for harvesting. Armed with inexperience and false courage, they decided to help the girls but ended up locked themselves. When they somehow manage to get out, they are ashamed of their inadequacies but more determined than ever to save the girls for whom they may be the only source of hope.


5. My Annoying Brother 

The Movie, as the name suggests, is about two brothers, Doo-Shik(Choo Jung-Seok) and Doon-Young(Do Kyung-Soo). Doo-Shik was imprisoned because he was a fraudster; his younger stepbrother Doo-Young on the other hand is a promising judo athlete. Due to an injury sustained in a competitive match, Doo-Young became blind. This excuse is  then used by his older step brother in front of the parole board, who agree to his request for parole on the condition that he will take care of his brother for a year.


6. For The Emperor 

Lee-Hwan (Lee Min-Ki) was a professional baseball player with a Lust for money. When he is ousted from the league for a match-fixing scandal, he meets Jung Sang-Ha (Park Sung-Woong), who owns the most prominent private loan company in Busan - Emperor Capital. With the guidance of Sung-Ha, Lee-Hwan soon began to make himself known in the loan shark business.


7. The Merciless

Jae-Ho (Sol Kyung-Gu)is the most powerful of the inmates in the jail in which he has been imprisoned. He is also the second most powerful man in a criminal gang outside the jail. But his ambition is to go after the spot of the most powerful man outside of prison as soon as he is released. However,  the new prisoner Hyun-Soo (Im Si-wan), who doesn’t submit to anyone, seems to put a damper on his plans.


8. A Violent Prosecutor

Byun Jae-Wook(Hwang Jung-min) is known for his obsession with truth and arduous investigation.  When a criminal under his investigation is found dead, he is punished by law with 15 years of imprisonment. After five years, he meets Chi-Won(Kang Dong-Won), who is a con man. Jae-Wook uses his knowledge as a former prosecutor and gets Chi-Won out of jail. He uses Chi-Won to prepare for a counterattack on all those who framed him while the latter thinks of ways to get rid of him.


9. Confidential Assignment 

It is about a North Korean Special Investigation Officer, Im Chul-Ryung (Hyun-Bin), and a South Korean Detective Kang Jin-Tae (Yu Hae-Jin). While Chul-Ryung represents  the serious gets-the-job-done-always Detective portrayed in movies and dramas, Jin-Tae seems very real and incites laughter. The film is about this duo trying to catch a North Korean criminal who has escaped to South Korea.


10. Deliver Us From Evil

In-Nam (Hwang Jung-Min), an assassin, gets to know of a kidnapping case that is related to him. It leads him to Thailand. He is followed there by Ray(Lee Jung-Jae), who hopes to exact revenge from In-Nam for killing his brother.