Article: Top 10 Japanese Actors Who Sing Incredibly

Actors have such a busy schedule all day, and while doing all this, they also need to keep their focus on currently performing. It must be a lot stressful to their mental health. Music has such ability to remove stress. Few actors are famous singers who get scouted later on for acting. Here is the list of great actors whose vocals will also amaze you.

1. Ayumi Hamasaki

She is a singer, songwriter, record producer, actor, model, publicist, and entrepreneur from Japan. In 1993, Hamasaki traveled to Tokyo at fourteen to pursue a singing and acting career. Some of her famous work in music is seasons, A Ballads 2.


2. Namie Amuro

She worked as a music artist, producer, composer, dancer, model, actress, and entrepreneur in Japan between 1992 and 2018. Amuro gets noted for defying the youthful idol cliché of J-Pop and influencing women's dress and lifestyle in Japan and referred to as 'Queen of J-POP.' Some of her famous works are Feel, Hope.


3. Haruma Miora

He is an actor and singer from Japan. He debuted in the television drama Agri (1997) and gained prominence after appearing in Koizora (2007). He won the 31st Japan Academy Award for Newcomer of the Year. Miura debuted in 2019 with the song "Fight for Your Heart," followed in 2020 by "Night Diver."


4. Takeshi Kaneshiro

He is a singer and actor who is half-Japanese and half-Taiwanese. He began his career as a young pop idol but has since moved his attention to the film business, where he has found financial and critical success. Kaneshiro made his singing debut in 1992, going under the moniker "Aniki," which translates to "elder brother" in Japanese. Heartbreaking Night was his debut album (1992).


5. Nobuhiko Okamoto

He is a Pro-Fit-affiliated Japanese voice actor and vocalist. At the 3rd Seiyu Awards, he was named Best New Actor, and at the 5th Seiyu Awards, he was named Best Supporting Actor. Nobuhiko has voiced various characters, including character CDs and anime insert music (soundtracks). He declared his singing debut for 2012 on his 25th birthday with the EP palette.


6. Rina Sawayama

She is a London-based singer-songwriter, model, and actor. Rina, her debut extended play, was self-released in 2017. She signed to Dirty Hit in 2020 and released Sawayama, her maiden studio album, to tremendous acclaim. Some of her famous works are LUCID, XS.


7. Sola Aoi

She is a singer and actress who has appeared in films and television. Aoi released a CD named "Hadaka no Kiss" in 2006 as a vocalist. Between 2008 and 2013, she was a part of the Ebisu Muscats' first generation. Her large fan base in China prompted her to make her Mandarin Chinese singing debut with "mao Yi" (or Sweater), distributed digitally for mobile phone and computer download.


8. Takuya Kimura

He is a singer, actor from Japan. Following his fame as an actor, he has become a Japanese legend. He was also a member of SMAP, one of Asia's most successful boy bands. Kimura debuted in a solo album, "Go with the Flow," in 2020. The album landed at #1 on the Oricon Albums Chart the week it was released, including songs written for Kimura by well-known bands and musicians such as [ALEXANDROS], Superfly, Noriyuki Makihara, and Love Psychedelic.


9. Kento Yamazaki

He is a model and actor from Japan. He is best known for his roles as L in the live-action television series Death Note (2015) and as Minato Shindo in the Japanese medical drama remake Good Doctor (2018), as well as his appearances in the films L DK (2014), Heroine Shikkaku (2015), and Orange (2015), as well as the Netflix series Alice in Borderland. Stardust Promotion, a Japanese entertainment agency, represents him. However, he hasn't officially debuted as a singer but has shown his amazing vocals a few live stages.


10. Teppei Koike 

Teppei Koike is a Japanese actor and musician affiliated with Burning Productions. After starring in the television serial Tentai Kansoku in 2002, Koike starred in several other films and dramas, including Love Com as Atsushi Otani. From 2002 until 2016, Koike was also a member of the music duo WaT, which he formed with Eiji Wentz. Kimi ni Okuru Uta, a solo single, was released on February 14, with Wentz's solo song Lucky de Happy serving as the B-side. Pieces was Koike's first solo album released on June 27, 2005.