Article: Top 10 Mismatched South Korean Celebrity Couples

Some pairs are just weird and mismatched. These South Korean pairs have been long forgotten by the public as they don't match and the fact that they are dating or might have dated each other, makes it look quite random as these pairs do not go with each other(of course in the public's eyes.) Though they might have found something of common ground between them where they connected, the news of them dating each other was nothing sort of a shocker. Read on to know about ten such weird South Korean pairs who are imprinted on the public's mind.

1. Sulli And Choiza

Though the late Sulli and Choiza had broken up in 2017, they received a lot of harassment and hatred while they dated for three years since 2014. Sulli was 14 years younger than Choiza, and this was the reason the pair was termed as weird and people had blamed Choiza for dating an idol with a good image who was out of his league as Choiza had a bad boy image in the industry. The couple was the subject of hatred and harassment by the netizens and the public. This news of them being a couple came as a shocker for the public of South Korea.


2. IU And Chang Kiha

IU and Jang Kiha shook the K-fans when they were confirmed to be dating. The pair was especially looked upon as weird and mismatched because there was a huge age difference of 11 years between the two singers. Though the pair broke up in 2017 and have decided to remain friends.


3. Seo Ye-Ji And Kim Jung-Hyun

This South Korean pair received a lot of a hard time from the public, although the fact that they were dating only came out in the public after a few years after they broke up. The pair was actually kind of weird because while dating one of them was a control freak and the other one let his professionalism have a backseat.


4. Kim Go-Eun And Shin Ha Kyun

This mismatched South Korean celebrity pair shook the fans when they announced that they were dating, the news was especially shocking because there is a 17-year-old age difference between the two pairs. However only after dating for 8 months they break up.


5. IU And Eunhyuk

This pair is one of the most mysterious pairs whose relationship remains nameless in the public even to this day. In 2013 IU had accidentally leaked a selfie of her and him where Eunhyuk looked shirtless and IU was in her pyjamas.


6. Ham So Won And Jinhua

This is seen as one of a weird couple of South Korean entertainment industry. Ham So Won is 18 years older than Jinhua, the pair got married in 2018.


7. Hyeri And Tony An

Hyeri and Tony An were unarguably one of the weirdest couples of the South Korean entertainment industry who dated for less than a year. Hyeri was a 3rd generation k-pop idol whereas Tony An was the first-generation idol, this dating news came out and looked very random in the eyes of the public.


8. Lee Dong Wook And Suzy

Lee Dong Wook and Suzy were not necessarily looked upon as weird but more randomness was attached to their dating scandal. The dating scandal of Lee Dong Wook and Suzy broke out in 2018 and in the same year they broke up, the news was more shocking because just a year ago Suzy had broken up with Lee Min Ho after a long time relationship.


9. Koo Hye-Sun And Ahn Jae-Hyun

Though the pair appeared much in love and the public loved the Celebrity Reel to the real-life couple. But everything became sour and weird when they decided to wash their dirty laundry in public while filing for divorce.


10. G-Dragon And Nana Komatsu

G-Dragon and Nana Komatsu are one of the weirdest pair, though the pair never confirmed their relationship there were rumors that they had dated, what makes it even weird is the fact that Nana Komatsu was also rumored to be dating Masaki Suda who she later married in 2021.