Article: Top Ten Roles Played By Korean Actress Han So Hee

The new Hallyu wave of Korean entertainment has captured the hearts of fans of fiction and cinema. The Korean entertainment industry boasts some of the most talented artists who embody each work professionally and with sincerity. The Korean actress Han So Hee exemplifies charisma, beauty, and talent. This 28-year-old South Korean actress is known for her experimental roles and the earnestness with which she expresses the personality of her characters . Han So Hee has a huge fan following. Moreover, her talent has led her to grabbing shows and upcoming dramas such as "The Price of Confession" and "Gyeongseong Creature." Below are the ten best drama roles played by Korean actress Han So Hee.

1. Yoon Ji Woo/Oh Hye Jin- My Name

My name is the 2021 OTT series, with Han So Hee as the main lead. Han So Hee plays the character of Yoon Ji Woo, who wants to avenge her father’s death. She eventually joins the police force with a fake identity, Oh Hye Jin. Han So Hee perfectly acted the characters of depressed and defeated Yoon Ji Woo and the determined and clever Oh Hye Jin. Moreover, Han So Hee worked enormously hard on her action scenes. The iconic role of short-haired, brave, and quiet detective HyeJin has made a mark in the K drama world.

2. Yoo Na Bi- Nevertheless

Han So Hee has impressed Korean drama lovers with her versatility. The show "Nevertheless" is based on the webtoon of the same name. Han So Hee plays the lead role of Yoo Na Bi in the series. The main character, Yoo Na Bi, is a hardworking sculpting student and yearns for sincere love in her life. She meets a mysterious boy at her university and becomes curious about him. The show is about love and confusion and how past traumas can affect a person’s ability to accept themselves. Han So Hee does justice to her character by expressing the feelings of loneliness, insecurity, and self-doubt that keep engulfing her in her journey into adulthood.

3. Lee Eun Soo- Soundtrack #1

The drama Soundtrack #1 is a story of warmth in friendships and relationships. Han So Hee portrays the lead character, Lee Eun Soo. The story is about two people who have been friends for a long time. Lee Eun Soo is a happy, bright, and honest person. She is passionate about her job as a lyricist. She expresses her emotions and dilemmas through the wonderful weaving of words in the lyrics of songs. Han So Hee’s depiction of the charismatic and talented Lee Eun Soo is a significant part of her journey toward K-drama stardom as an enormously promising actress in a leading role.

4. Yeo Da Kyung- The World Of The Married

Han So Hee is an actress with humble beginnings, and she has performed many cameos and second-lead roles and is the main lead. The world of marriage is a tragic drama series that revolves around themes such as anger, revenge, and betrayal. Han So Hee once again impressed the viewers with her portrayal of the antagonist, Yeo Da Kyung. Her character portrays disgust, frustration, and jealousy. Han So Hee is flawless in her depiction of Yeo Da Kyung. Han So Hee’s portrayal of Yeo Da Kyung is one of the many memorable femme fatale characters ever played in television history.

5. Kim So Hye- 100 Days My Prince

One of the highest-rated dramas in South Korea, "100 days My Prince" is a story set in classical society. The cast of the show consisted of innumerably talented actors, and Han So Hee made her name as Kim So Hye in the series. The story of Kim So Hye includes longing and secrets, and Han So Hee is impeccable as Kim So Hye.

6. Jang Hee Jin/Oh Su Jin- Abyss

Abyss is a drama full of suspense and thriller, and Han So Hee stands out as one of the notable supporting characters in the show. Her role includes secrets, mystery, and dilemma. Han So Hee, as Jang Hee Jin, battles the confusion between pure and evil, in this mystery tale.

7. Kayena Hill- The Villainess Is A Marionette

Webcomics and webtoons are becoming the benchmark of creativity and innovative storylines. Many webtoons have entered the drama industry as official scripts of various shows. Han So Hee's range of characters has embraced the live-action portrayal of one of the most popular and beloved characters- Kayena Hill from the webtoon series- “The Villainess is a Marionette.” Han So Hee’s depiction of Kayena Hill as a clever and mysterious woman went viral among webtoon fans. The promotional videos of the live-action adaptation of the webtoon showcase Han So Hee’s acting skills as she takes up the role of a calculative and manipulative princess.

8. Yoon Seo Won- Money Flower

Han So Hee plays a desperate and subtly egoistical Yoon Seo Won in the Korean television series Money Flower. The show projects the self-absorbed desires of individuals who consider money above everything in their lives. Yoon Seo Won is a former information worker and holds dark secrets that influence the life of one of the main leads.

9. Lee Seo Won- Reunited Worlds

“Reunited Worlds” is Han So Hee’s most significant work in her early career. Han So Hee, as Lee Seo Won, is a mature daughter of the hospital director. In addition, Lee Seo Won is beautiful, gorgeous, and works as a fashion journalist. Han So Hee’s skills, clarity and beauty are trademarks of her role as Lee Seo Won in this fictional healing series.

10. Soo Jin- After The Rain

Han So Hee is known to have sincerely given her best in every series she has worked on. One of her earliest drama series, “After the Rain”, exemplifies her modest growth as an artist. “After The Rain” is a miniseries about relationships and attachment. Han So Hee’s cameo as Soo Jin is an essential part of the main lead’s past. Soo Jin is an ambitious and beautiful woman who is a TV show host. She knows what she wants and clearly expresses herself. Han So Hee’s cameo as Soo Jin will always be a memorable part of her humble beginnings as a kdrama actress.