Article: Top 10 Thai Actors And Their Hit Dramas

In recent years, Thai actors have gained a lot of recognition. Thai actors are loved by their audience globally. They have done many exquisite performances and their unique dressing styles have stolen many hearts. Some of their Dramas are loved by everyone. Not forgetting the glamorous acting skills have held so many people captivated not just in Thailand but all over the world. We all can agree that the rising fame of Thai actors and their series is deserving of attention. Some of their BL romances and romcoms are so highly- rated because of the actors' fantastic chemistry on screen.  Check out these actors if you are new to Thai dramas and actors.

1. Nadech Kugimiya

Nadech Kugimiya is a famous Thai actor and model. He was only 17 when he started his modeling career through a TV commercial. He debuted as a TV actor in 2010 through his first drama in a lead role. His popularity climbed highest after he worked in Duang Jai Akkanee as "Fai Akkanee Adisuan" and then in Game Rai Game Rak as Saigonn." He was also a part of the group 4+1 channel 3 superstar and was in an exclusive contract with channel 3. Nadech is now the highest-paid actor in Thailand and holds immense popularity among his audience.

2. Jeff Satur

Jeff Satur is a famous actor and singer. Jeff is also a Thai-English graphic designer and songwriter under Wayfer Music, which he left recently to join his studio. He also holds a degree in business administration and has been gaining tons of popularity lately; he is not only famous in Thailand but also outside. He became very popular after starring in the series "KinnPorsche the series La forte" (2022), which is a BL drama based on crime and a must-watch. Jeff has also been successful in a lead role in the "He She It" (2019) series based on a horror story, and would surely recommend it to you.

3. Bright Vachiravit

Bright Vachiravit is a famous Thai actor and singer. Bright is among the most famous Thai actors known for his incredible looks and eye-catching acting skills. He is also a Thai-American singer, Host, and model. He became popular after starring in a BL series, "2gether", which was loved by audiences worldwide. His other popular dramas are "F4", "Good Old Days' ' and "I Sea U." F4 is one of his must-watch dramas for those who still haven't watched it. It follows the story of a simple girl Gorya who falls in love with Thyme after facing many problems and has a happy ending.

4. Mike Angelo

Mike Angelo, also known as Mike D Angelo, is a 33-year-old Thai-Chinese actor, singer, and model widely famous in Thailand and China as well as outside. He debuted in 2008 in the television drama "Ubatruk Karmkobfah." His popularity began after "Kiss Me"(2015), one of his most famous dramas. He then starred in the Thai version of "Full House." Mike has fans from all over the world. He can speak many languages and has worked in many other industries.

5. Win Metawin

Win Metawin, nicknamed Win, is a model and actor with Chinese ancestors, who was born in Thailand. Win was a part of group ONE31 before he went on a contract with GMMTV. He became popular after the success of his drama "2gether", where he starred as "Tine." He was also a part of "F4" and had a massive hit with the sequel of "Still 2gether" a must-watch for all the BL fans who are a sucker for romance. Win is also widely popular for his handsome face; fans love his cuteness and adore him. Win has been best friends with Bright for what feels like forever and their chemistry on screen makes them even more adorable.

6. Mario Maurer

Mario Maurer is a famous Thai-Chinese actor from Bangkok. He is of German descent; he is popularly known as Oh. Mario has a lot of popularity from his first hit lead role in "The Love of Siam" (2007), and another hit "First Love" (2010), was the game changer as Mario's popularity increased. He is said to have worked in the highest-grossing film in Thailand, "Pee Mak". Mario has signed under channel 3 and N.Y.U Club as a musician. He is still known as one of the most popular Thai actors.

7. Suppapong Udomkaewkanjana

Suppapong Udomkaewkanjana, popularly known as Saint, is a Thai actor and model. Saint is gaining more popularity recently, he is loved by people from all over the world. His beginning of popularity was from the success of his debut drama "Love by Chance" (2018), where he played the character of Pete.  One of his must-watch dramas is "My Love from Another Star." Saint has Chinese ancestry, and he is also a singer.

8. Gulf Kanawut

Gulf Kanawut is a famous Thai actor and model. He has completed his studies at an all-boys school and has a degree in industrial education and technology. His debut was in 2015 as a guest role in Mungkorn. He became famous after starring as Type the lead role of the show "Tharntype", one of the most popular BL series. This series was loved widely, he even won an award for "Best Young Actor". Gulf is also famous outside Thailand and his international audience is head over heels for his looks.

9. Mark Prin Suparat

Prin Suparat, internationally known as Mark Prin, is a famous Thai Actor and model. He is known for his striking looks and incredible acting skills. He started his career in the television series "Ngao Ruk Luang Jai" in 2010; his dramas are loved by audiences even outside Thailand. Some of his most successful series that one must watch are "My Forever Sunshine" (2020), Game of Outlaws (2021), and his latest drama "Eclipse of My Heart" that everyone must watch. Mark Prin is a "multi-talented actor", and fans are crazy about his looks.

10. See Pruk Panich

Zee Pruk Panich, popularly known as Zee, is a famous Thai actor and model. Zee debuted in "Friend Zone" as a support role, gaining popularity for his incredible skills and handsome face. He became even more popular after another successful series, "Why R U". Zee is still gaining a lot of popularity internationally. One of his most recent dramas that gained lots of popularity, "Remember 15" (2022), brought him tremendous success.