Article: Best Ten Korean Dramas Based On Mind-Games


Some popular movies make the viewers feel like they are a part of the movie and trying to solve the mysteries. These are some mind-bending Korean series. These movies include romance, mystery, crime, and psychological thrillers. These movies have a perfect combination of mystery and romance. If you are looking for an intelligent plot, these movies and series are immaculate. These movies will keep you engaged.

1. Flower Of Evil

The series is about an ideal family with a lovely couple and an adorable daughter. But things start getting complicated when the wife is a detective and finds out her husband is shady.


2. Mouse

The series is about a dedicated police officer who stumbles upon a psychotic serial killer. He, along with his partner, tries to understand the intentions and patterns of the killer’s behavior.


3. Squid Game

The series is about a massive number of people playing children’s games to win money. But the games are not as easy as it seems. It's a do-or-die situation.


4. Save Me

The series is about a helpless family leaving Seoul to live in Muji County. The county blindly follows a religious cult. The cult has many dark secrets, and they torture those who try to go against them


5. Liar Game

The series is about a girl who has a high debt to clear, and she decides to participate in a psychological game. She tricks other participants and partners with an ex-con and psychology professor


6. Strangers From Hell

The story is about a young man moving to Seoul for his job. Due to a lack of finances, he lives in a shady dorm where people are mysterious, and things are going haywire.


7. Hello Monster

The series is about two detectives falling in love without knowing the other person's secrets. The couple tries unraveling the truth about each other and is in a maze of lies.


8. Children Of Nobody

The story is about a pregnant child counselor living her best life, but an accident turns her whole life upside down. She meets a ruthless detective who severely punishes criminals.


9. Memories Of The Alhambra

The series is about a diligent CEO of an investment company and a girl who moved to Spain after the death of her parents. The duo encounters scary and peculiar events.


10. Trap

The series is about a successful anchor who pestered to enter the world of politics. The man’s life becomes hard when his family goes on vacation and meets with a tragic event.