Article: Ten Korean Movies That Were Remade In Bollywood

Movies are remade everywhere in the world. Several Korean movies were remade in Bollywood, adapting the Indian cultural essence. Let’s see some of them.

1. The Terror Live

The Dhamaka was the remake of the 2014 Korean film The Terror Live. The film’s plot revolves around an ambitious and skeptical who receives a threat call from a terrorist and decides to broadcast the call live to revive his career. The audience criticized the movie for its cliché plot and dialogues. However, Kartik’s acting was highly praised.

2. The Outlaws

The Salman-Khan starrer Radhe is the remake of the Korean film The Outlaws. The movie’s plot revolves around a local group of goons who decides to grout with the police and bring down the group of Chinese gangsters. The Korean version was a big hit, but the Indian version didn’t even pass the average rating.

3. Ode To My Father

Bharat is an Indian version of the Korean film Ode to my Father. The original plot revolves around the kid who lost his father and sister in the war. He ended up in the Vietnam war and promised himself to get united with his sister. Salman Khan starred in the Indian version.

4. The Man From Nowhere

Rocky Handsome is a 2016 John Abraham starrer film, and it was inspired by the Korean film The Man from Nowhere. The plot revolves around a pawn shop owner who goes on a hunt to find his eight-year-old neighbor who gets abducted. But, the Indian version only managed to hit the average ratings.

5. Seven Days

Jazbaa is the Indian adaptation of the Korean film Seven Days. The plot revolves around a high-profile lawyer who defends a rapist because her daughter got abducted by them. The Korean version received a lot of positive responses and awards. However, the Indian version got criticized for its poor production and performance.

6. Lover’s Concerto

The Ranbir Kapoor starrer is an adaptation of the Korean film Lover’s Concerto. The storyline revolves around a young guy who gets into a complicated relationship with two girls. The Indian version received a positive response from the audience, and the actors got applauded for their performances.

7. A Bittersweet Life

Awarapan is inspired by the Korean film A Bittersweet Life to some extent. The plot is not the same, but it has the same storyline. The Indian version could not stand up to people’s expectations, but the songs from the movie were a massive hit.

8. I Saw The Devil

Ek Villain is an Indian adaptation of the Korean film I Saw The Devil. The Korean version involved a lot of dark violence and gore scenes. The Indian version got good responses, and the movie’s songs became a big hit and people still enjoy it.

9. Always

Do Lafzon Ki Kahani is inspired by the Korean film Always. The plot revolves around a blind girl and her love interest. He goes to the lengthiest of the rads to bring back his girlfriend’s eyesight. The Indian version failed at the box office and could not stand up to critics and audience’s expectations.

10. Scandal Makers

Jawaani Jaaneman is an Indian adaptation of the Korean movie Scandal Makers. The Hindi adaptation failed miserably at the box office. And could not find that connection with the audience.